Tianjin Jingyuan

AAA tourist attractions. The Jingyuan Garden was initially named Qianyuan Garden. It was the residence of Lu Zongyu, the envoy of the Beiyang Government to Japan. From July 1929 to November 1931, the last emperor Pu Yi lived here with his empress Wan Rong and his concubine Wen Xiu. When he walked into the Jingyuan Garden, it seemed like time and space were intertwined. The noise in the center of the city was blocked by the high courtyard wall, and only the sound of birds was as long as the background. It was suitable for tourists who like history and architecture to travel quietly

Shanghai Lavender Park

National 4A level scenic spot. Formerly Moslian Vanilla Garden and Bright Ecological Garden, it is the largest lavender garden in Shanghai. The lavender flower field here introduces the pure French Merlot lavender, which comes from the Ili River Valley, one of the four major producing areas in the world. With the ups and downs of the terrain, and the winding crabapple flower gallery, it is extremely dynamic


Xiangyang, Hubei Province, is an AAAAA tourist attraction. Gulongzhong Scenic Spot is a place where Zhuge Liang, an outstanding politician, militarist, inventor and litterateur in the Three Kingdoms period, lived in seclusion in his youth. The scenic spot is surrounded by mountains, surrounded by pines and cypresses, and has a beautiful natural environment. It is a scenic spot that combines historical and cultural landscapes with the scenery of low mountains and mountains

Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Changning District AAAA Tourist Attraction. It is one of the top ten zoos in China and the second largest city zoo in China. Shanghai Zoo is one of the best ecological gardens in the urban area of Shanghai. The distribution of scenic spots: Science and Education Museum, Jiuqu Corridor, Squirrel Monkey Ecological Park, Festival Tail Lemur Park, Beast Ecological Park, Chimpanzee Ecological Exhibition Area, Asian Elephant Exhibition Area, Giraffe Hall, etc

Yuanjue Temple Tower

It is located in Datong, Shanxi Province. Yuanjue Temple (brick tower of Yuanjue Temple) is commonly known as a small temple. In May 2013, Hunyuan Yuanjue Temple Pagoda was announced as the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units. In the 1930s, the Japanese invaded and demolished all the wooden structure buildings in the temple. Now only one brick tower is the original structure of the Jin Dynasty. The fifth year of Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty (1469)

Mantianxing National Forest Park

The AA tourist attractions in Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province, were approved as AA tourist areas by the National Tourism Administration in 2001. There are nine categories of tourism products, including sightseeing tourism, health care tourism, entertainment tourism, returning to nature tourism, sports tourism, vacation tourism, study tourism, catering tourism, and special tourism. Develop unique and diversified tourism system in combination with scenic spots, resource characteristics and nationality

Wufeng Academy

Located in Fangyan Town, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, it contains Wufeng Academy, Lize Temple, Chonglou and other buildings. It is the birthplace of Yongkang School in the Southern Song Dynasty. The patriotism education base of Wufeng Academy was founded in 2004. It is a patriotism education base integrating natural landscape, cultural landscape (Wufeng Academy, Chinese Academy Culture Exhibition Room), and patriotic revolutionary traditional education landscape

Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall

Shaanxi Yan'an AAAAA Tourist Attraction, the residence of Mao Zedong and the seat of the CPC Central Committee from October 1935 to August 1948. Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall is one of the earliest revolutionary memorial halls established after the founding of the People's Republic of China. A large number of precious revolutionary cultural relics, documents and photos displayed in the museum vividly and vividly represent the brilliant achievements of the older generation of revolutionaries in living in caves in Yan'an and driving away Japanese invaders

Shanghai Glass Museum

Shanghai Baoshan AAAA Tourist Attraction, the first glass themed museum in China, opened on Changjiang West Road on May 18, 2011. Shanghai Glass Museum is located in the first glass themed G+glass theme park in China that integrates exhibition, art, technology, business, education, entertainment, life and other functions. It can further explore glass

Yining City Seaview Park

Xinjiang Yili AAA Tourist Attraction. There are many unique man-made landscapes in the park, such as dinosaur groups, elephant groups, mermaids, Dutch windmills, etc., which are harmoniously integrated with the natural landscape. A small performance platform is built in front of the flavor snack area, where tourists can enjoy folk dance, rock band, cycling, fashion show and other artistic performances

Kazanqi Folk Village

The Xinjiang Yili AAAA Tourist Attraction is the capital of Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture. The Xinjiang Yining Kazanqi Folk Custom Tourist Area is the only large-scale humanistic scenic spot in northern Xinjiang that mainly reflects the Uygur customs and is also a vivid portrayal of the ethnic customs. It covers the profound Uyghur culture in southern Xinjiang, without losing the unique customs of the Uyghur people in northern Xinjiang

Watertown in Dream

As an AAAA tourist attraction in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, Mengli Watertown Ecological Tourism Area has the largest steamer in the Guinness World, and is an idyllic village full of songs and laughter. To build a leisurely artistic conception of leisurely rural life in Jianghan Plain, the scenic spot is colorful all the year round. In the transcendental poetic environment, the scenic spot can enjoy the delicious food from all directions, or go boating in the sea of flowers, and immerse itself in the fairy tale world of flowers and butterflies dancing together in the music

Xiantao Miancheng

Hubei Xiantao AA Tourist Attraction. Miancheng is an ancient city with a long history of more than 1400 years and splendid culture. It is located in the hinterland of Jianghan Plain, near the Dongjing River in the south and the Paihu Lake in the north. It has a long history, many places of interest and historical sites, and unique cultural landscape. It is the most ideal place for citizens to relax, vacation, enjoy the lotus, fishing, boating, and entertainment

Shenzhen Safari Park

Shenzhen Safari Park, the AAAA tourist attraction in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is the first free range safari park in China, built on the bank of Xili Lake in Shenzhen with beautiful mountains and rivers, and the first subtropical new garden ecological environment scenic spot in China that integrates various gardening and viewing functions such as zoo, botanical garden, popular science park, etc. Integrating science popularization, education, entertainment and experience

Guanyinqiao Business District City

As an AAAA tourist attraction in Jiangbei District, Chongqing, Guanyin Bridge in Jiangbei District is a traditional prosperous commercial area, one of the five business circles determined by Chongqing Municipal People's Government, and the political, economic, cultural center and transportation hub of Jiangbei District. Guanyinqiao Business District - centered on the turntable of Guanyinqiao, it was the second largest business district in the mid-1990s

Tieshanping Forest Park

Chongqing Jiangbei AAAA Tourist Attraction, known as a green pearl, is one of the main natural parks in the suburbs of Chongqing and a green barrier in the east of the main urban area. The park is shaded with green trees, more than 100 kinds of plants compete with each other, and the air is fresh. It is a natural oxygen bar in the suburbs of Chongqing, and the nearest tourist and summer resort in the east of Chongqing

Tourist Tower

Located in the lobby area of Macao, it costs MOP 1 billion. The 10th independent sightseeing tower in the world is a member of the World Tower Alliance. The construction of the tower began in 1998, when the Asian financial crisis severely impacted the economy of Macao. However, Stanley Ho, a famous industrialist in Macao, was ahead of the game, optimistic about the Macao market after the return, and resolutely invested in the construction of this sightseeing tower

Emperor Shun Mausoleum

Shanxi Yuncheng AAAA Tourist Attraction, covering an area of 27000 square meters, is composed of three parts: Outer City, Cemetery and Imperial City. Emperor Shun is said to be the leader of the tribal alliance in the late period of the clan society in China, and still shines with brilliant glory in the minds of Chinese descendants. The scenic spot integrates history, culture, tourism, gardens, leisure and entertainment

Jinhua Palace National Mine Park

Shanxi Datong AAAA Tourist Attraction, Jinhua Palace National Mine Park covers an area of 360000 square meters, separated from the world cultural heritage Yungang Grottoes by a river. It has developed the first underground exploration tour project in China and the only one in Asia, becoming the first batch of national industrial tourism demonstration sites. The park integrates industrial site protection, environmental renewal, ecological restoration and green mine construction

Jianmen Shu Path

Located in Jiange County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, it is a scenic spot linked by the Shu Road between the continuous Qinling Mountains, Bashan Mountains and Minshan Mountains. In 1982, it was designated as one of the first national key scenic spots. The area is rich in natural landscapes, such as mountains, rivers, forests and springs. There are many places of interest along the Shu Road, such as the Ancient Plank Road, the Empress Wu Temple, the Huangze Temple, and the Tang and Song Stone Carved Thousand Buddhas

Loulan Ancient City

The tourist attractions in Ruoqiang County, Bayingolin, Xinjiang, were historically blessed by the Tarim River and the Kongque River, forming a vast river alluvial plain. In addition, it is located at the throat of the traffic between China and the West, making it a shining pearl on the Silk Road. Today, most of the places here have been obliterated by relentless quicksand, leaving only the ruins of the ancient city for future generations to mourn

Cangshan Erhai Lake

Cangshan Erhai Lake, an AA tourist attraction in Dali, Yunnan Province, is a rare and internationally famous comprehensive reserve integrating natural landscape, geological landform, biological resources and human history. The main protected objects of Erhai Lake are the plateau Tanshui Lake and aquatic animals and plants, the natural landscape of the north-south animal and plant transition zone, and the glacial relics, which are rich in cultural and historical relics and tourism resources

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