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About Lv Bapo (Lvbapo), which provides comprehensive tourist attractions navigation services, scenic spot introduction, tourist ticket price, scenic spot address, scenic spot map, scenic spot pictures, tourists' evaluation and other information, has always been committed to providing the most concise, comprehensive and intuitive tourist navigation information for the donkey friends.

Lv Bapo is a non-profit website and will not charge any fees to members and tourists. Lv Bapo tries her best to provide the most comprehensive and detailed introduction of tourist attractions in the region for the vast number of donkey lovers (tourists). It is the goal of Lv Bapo's efforts to make tourists travel conveniently and comfortably.

The information of tourist attractions on the website is improving, and you are welcome to put forward valuable suggestions. If you like Lvbapo Travel Network as much as we do, please share it with your friends:)


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