Chutian Yaochi

Hubei Xianning AAAA Tourist Attraction, Chutian Yaochi is built according to the natural terrain of the north slope of the buried hill, with novel design and the biggest feature of the original ecological garden style open-air hot spring. It is a comprehensive resort integrating natural resort hot springs, garden villas, star rated guest rooms, featured catering, recreation, sauna, physical therapy and health preservation, and business meetings

Three Gorges Test Dam Main Park

Hubei Chibi AAA Tourist Attraction, as a dam inspection project, is designed and constructed by the Yangtze River Survey, Planning, Design and Research Institute. It shoulders two major tasks, namely, testing and comprehensive development and utilization of various water resources for the design and operation of large-scale water conservancy and hydropower projects in China. In 1958, with the approval of Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai, a large-scale water conservancy and hydropower comprehensive test dam was built here

Jinyintan Grassland

Haibei, Qinghai Province, an AAAA tourist attraction, was named Jinyintan Grassland mainly because of the beautiful white flowers on both sides of the river and yellow flowers on both sides of the grassland. Qinghai Jinyintan Grassland is not only the birthplace of the world famous song "In That Far Place", but also the mysterious forbidden area that bred the first atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb in New China, and the location of China's first nuclear weapon development base

Sheshan State Forest Park

Shanghai Songjiang AAAA Tourist Attraction. Sheshan Scenic Area has been listed as one of the national tourist resorts, which is divided into East Sheshan Park and West Sheshan Park. It enjoys the reputation of "root of Shanghai" and "paradise". Located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, it is a treasure land with the best ecological environment, the most beautiful natural scenery and the most development potential in Shanghai

Shanghai Wildlife Park

Shanghai AAAAA tourist attraction, China's largest national wildlife park, Shanghai Wildlife Park gathers animals from all over the world. You can also watch animal performances such as elephants, giraffes and flamingos. There is also a small animal park popular with children to experience the fun of feeding alpacas

Osmanthus Forest Park

Hubei Xianning AAA Tourist Attraction has five vegetation types and 17 formations, including ginkgo biloba, taxus chinensis and torreya grandis, which are national first and second class protected trees. Where to go for forest tourism? Osmanthus fragrans - a strange landscape. Osmanthus fragrans Forest Park is a new eco-tourism resort integrating scenic spots, ecology, culture, leisure and entertainment, sightseeing and summer vacation, and science popularization

Qixing Lake Desert Ecotourism Area

The seven lakes in the AAAA level tourist attraction of Inner Mongolia are arranged like the Big Dipper Seven Stars, hence the name Seven Star Lake. So there is the Big Dipper in the sky and the Seven Star Lake on the earth. The Seven Star Lake is like a pearl inlaid in the boundless Kubuqi Desert. The water quality is clear, the water grass is lush, and the surrounding area is surrounded by sand mountains, which is very magical. Activities include camel caravans, horse caravans, human karts, sand motorcycles and other projects

Tonggu Beach Rafting

It is located in Wansheng City, Chongqing. The river is swift, the beaches are many and the waves are high, the canyon is deep, becoming the first drift in Sichuan and Guizhou. The drifting distance is 12 kilometers, the width is 10 to 60 meters, and the narrowest part is only a few meters. The total fall of the whole journey is 43 meters, of which the beach with the largest fall is 6 meters high. The most dangerous section is from the drifting point to the eaves of the hut. The water quality is excellent with splashing waves and rolling waves

Fengle Farm

Henan Zhengzhou AAAA Tourist Attraction is a modern urban park integrating agricultural production, special vegetable planting, animal husbandry, sightseeing and vacation. The farm also launched Taohuawu Hot Spring, Mala Bay Water Amusement Project, Real CS, Real Kart and other projects, which are excellent places for people to get close to nature

Zhuyuwan Scenic Area

In Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, an AAAA tourist attraction, there was once another Zhuyu Village planted with cornus trees in history, so it was named Zhuyu Bay. Many animals in the Zhuyu Bay Scenic Area are free range, such as flamingos, cranes, lions, tigers, bears, zebras, elks, goats and other animals, as well as paid human karts, bumper cars and other recreational facilities

Hongguang Temple

Located in Weixing Town, Wangkui County, Heilongjiang Province, Hongguang Temple now belongs to the Second Monk Academy. The temple covers an area of about 30000 square meters. It is on the east side of Suiwang Road, north of Suiwang Bridge, and on the temple mountain on the north bank of Hulan River. The scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh and pleasant. Because there is a temple on the mountain, the local people call this mountain Miaoshan

Dajin Prince Mausoleum

Dajin Prince Mausoleum is the site of the ancient tomb of the prince of the Jin State. The scenic spot is composed of arches, suspended buildings, Shinto, tombs, tombstones, etc. After years of comprehensive repair, steles have been erected in the mausoleum of the prince of the Great Jin State, as well as a statue of the mighty prince riding a horse. There are stele walls on both sides of the stele, engraved with historical records and folk legends about the prince

Damu Mountain

Located in Tongshan County, Hubei Province, Damu Mountain is no exception with the development of Xianning as a tourist city, and has also been included in the promotion of Xian'an, Xianning. Damu Mountain has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The hot springs gushing all year round are colorless and tasteless, which can be drunk and bathed. The beauty of Damu Mountain is embellished by such scenic spots as Cherry Blossom Garden, Azalea Garden and Nanzhu Mountain

Snake Cave Mountain

Heilongjiang Qiqihar AA tourist attractions. Covering an area of 300 hectares, the Snake Cave Mountain Scenic Area has undulating peaks, jagged rocks, and various scenic spots in a well arranged and integrated manner. The shape of the rocks in the Snake Cave Mountain Scenic Area is extremely lifelike and amazing. With a long and rich cultural heritage, it is a famous scenic spot integrating exploration, novelty hunting, entertainment and Buddhism

Fenhe Reservoir II

Located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, it is a large-scale water conservancy project with comprehensive benefits such as flood control and tourism. The tourism projects in the scenic spot are novel and unique. The developed projects include Xuanquan Temple, yacht tour of the lake, bamboo raft rafting, barbecue area in Yiquan area, cave listening spring, tropical botanical garden, Qingshuiwan leisure area, Shenlong Lake training center, kayak rafting, etc

red light district

Located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, Taiyuan is the oldest and most prosperous commercial street with a commercial history of more than 300 years. It is also a must visit place for foreign tourists in Taiyuan. In addition to the tradition, there are also fashionable places in Liuxiang, and there are stores of popular clothing brands such as Jeanswest, Fort Shilong, and Guidu Shopping Center

Halahai Wetland

It is located in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, with a total area of 300 square kilometers and a large water level drop. The wetland is overgrown with reeds, fish and birds. It is the only original wetland with lakes in China. There are 242 species of birds in the wetland, including 42 species of national rare and endangered birds, such as red crowned cranes and giant swans, with a total number of more than one million

Northeast tigers garden

The AAAA tourist attraction in Harbin, Heilongjiang, has more than 1000 purebred Amur tigers of different ages, which is a real park of thousands of tigers. The exhibition will become a comprehensive forest park integrating protection, scientific research, breeding, tourism and vacation. The park has a good Amur Tiger Forest Park and an eco-tourism foundation, especially in winter and summer

Harbin Polarland

Harbin AAAA Tourist Attraction, the world's first polar performance amusement park, and China's first polar museum with polar animal entertainment as the theme. In addition to polar bears, penguins, rays and other polar animals and marine fish, you can also enjoy the romantic and beautiful story of the world's unique beluga whale and the beautiful trainer

Snow Town, China

It is also known as Shuangfeng Forest Farm, Shuangfeng Snow Town, and the AAAA tourist attraction in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province. It gathers the essence of ice and snow tourism, forest tourism, and ocean tourism - ice and snow tourism and forest tourism. There are 22 scenic spots in the scenic spot, including China Snow Village, primeval forest, Yunshan Temple, Hailang Mountain Villa and Hongyan Scenic Park

Jingyuetan Ski Resort

Located in the Tan National Scenic Spot, Nanguan District, Changchun City, surrounded by forests on three sides and water on one side, it has a beautiful natural environment. The snow in the ski resort is soft and suitable for different types of skiers. In summer, you can also experience the ski resort's cable slide. It's quite exciting to take a 1.6km long pipe track slide down the mountain through layers of forest

Yellow River Stone Forest

Gansu Baiyin AAAA Tourist Attraction, surrounded by mountains, has a quiet environment and fresh air, because of its unique shape. The Yellow River Stone Forest was formed in the Cenozoic Quaternary Early Pleistocene 2.1 million years ago, and there are many pure folk customs to experience in the scenic spot. In Longwan Village in the scenic spot, there are often bonfire parties and other activities in the farmhouse

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