Travel - What are the necessary medicines and necessities for traveling

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It is very important to prepare medicine when traveling. The improvement of living standards means going out Travel? It has become a way of life for relaxation. However, factors such as travel fatigue or acclimatization can sometimes lead to physical discomfort, which greatly reduces the originally pleasant travel interest. It is recommended to prepare a small medicine box or medicine bag before departure to deal with various unexpected conditions during the journey.

Kill harmful bacteria in drinking water. If you want to travel to remote places, you sometimes need to make clean drinking water yourself. In some places, the water quality is poor, so you can add some edible salt to the water to improve the taste.

   External medication
In outdoor travel, especially in mountain climbing and other activities, bumps and skin injuries are inevitable during the journey. It is difficult to find a pharmacy in the wild, in the mountains, or in places where people speak little. Take some external medicine with you, and deal with minor injuries in time even if there are some accidents.
For example, Yunnan Baiyao, cotton swabs, sterile gauze and Band Aids are good things.

Compound vitamin
Avoid eating unevenly on the journey. When traveling, it is inevitable that the food is not considerate, and fast food is often used to satisfy hunger or feast on meat and fish. It is difficult to achieve balanced nutrition intake. So it's best to take a bottle of multivitamin with you. Just one capsule a day can meet your daily physical needs.

Sleep Aids
Main payable time difference. If you travel abroad, jet lag will make you very tired. The disorder of the physiological clock can not be adjusted for a while, so it is better to take sleeping pills when you go to bed the first night after arriving at the destination.

Prevent diarrhea. According to the survey, 30% of travelers have experienced diarrhea. As soon as people leave the country and go to other places, they are prone to diarrhea due to acclimatization. The best way to treat mild diarrhea is to drink water mixed with salt and sugar, but severe diarrhea has to turn to antibiotics for help.

Sunglasses and eyedrops
If you go to a dusty place, sunglasses can isolate ultraviolet rays and prevent your eyes from being damaged by sandstorms. If your eyes are red or have conjunctivitis, antibacterial eyedrops will be used.

Cold and fever are common during the journey, so cold medicine is the treasure of the chest. Taking cold medicine in time can help you eliminate headache or muscle pain caused by colds, and also reduce nasal congestion.

Anti carsickness medicine
The conventional way to prevent carsickness is to choose a position near the window, not eat greasy food, and avoid drinking and reading. If this is not enough to relieve carsickness symptoms, you may as well take a car sickness medicine half an hour before departure.

Allergy during travel is also a trouble. Pollen, food, prolonged exposure, etc. may be the cause of allergy. Sometimes being too irritable can also cause skin itching. Adjust your mood. If the symptoms have not been alleviated, take anti allergic drugs.

   High altitude reaction prevention drugs
The natural scenery of Daocheng Yading, Hongyuan Ruoergai Grassland, Seda, Mugecuo, Hailuo Valley, Huanglong, Siguniang Mountain, Danba, Miyalo, etc. in Sichuan is picturesque, and the plateau reaction is the reason why many people are afraid to visit these scenic spots. Take the medicine for altitude reaction and master the first aid measures for altitude reaction is a must before traveling to the plateau.
For example, Rhodiola and inosine.

   Mosquito and heatstroke prevention drugs
When traveling in tropical areas or in summer, there are many mosquito bites in hot weather. You can take essential balm/floral water (to prevent mosquito bites), agastache healthy water (to prevent heatstroke and diarrhea), and dermatitis ointment (to prevent skin diseases. If you travel to a mild and humid place, you must not leave a piece of dermatitis ointment in your suitcase. Dust mites and insects are easy to breed in a hot environment, which is easy to cause dermatitis).

Chewing gum
Avoid ear discomfort during takeoff and landing. When the aircraft takes off and lands, the pressure will change. At this time, the Euclidean tube responsible for the gas flow between the middle ear and throat may be blocked, resulting in the imbalance between the middle ear pressure and the pressure of the external environment, so some people feel ear pain and temporarily lose hearing. The simplest solution is to chew a piece of gum.


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