Cangshan Erhai Lake

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Cangshan Erhai Lake The AA tourist attraction in Dali, Yunnan, Cangshan Erhai National Nature Reserve, covering an area of 79700 hectares, is the richest area in the world with alpine flora. It is a rare and internationally famous comprehensive reserve integrating natural landscape, geological landform, biological resources, human history and other characteristics.  
The main protected objects of Erhai Lake are the plateau Tanshui Lake and aquatic animals and plants, the natural landscape of the north-south animal and plant transition zone, and glacial relics. Erhai Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan. Cangshan Erhai Nature Reserve has an obvious vertical belt spectrum of seven plants, which preserves various vegetation types from the subtropical zone to the alpine ice desert zone, and has rich cultural and historical relics and tourism resources.

Distribution of scenic spots in Cangshan and Erhai
The main scenic spots in Cangshan Erhai Scenic Area include Cangshan, Erhai, Jade Belt Cloud, Butterfly Spring, the eighteen streams of Cangshan, Wangfu Cloud, Qingbi Stream, the nineteen peaks of Cangshan, the cultural relics of Neolithic Age, the ruins of Taihe City, the former capital of Nanzhao, the ruins of Yangju Baa City, Dali, Xiaguanfeng, Shangguan flowers, the snow of Cangshan, the moon on Erhai, etc.

Cangshan Erhai Tourism Strategy
The recommended route for one-day tour of Cangshan Mountain: Guanyin Pond → Yudai Yunyou Road by Cangshan Cableway or Gantong Cableway → Tianlong Babu Film and Television City (new attractions) → Yunnan Monument of Emperor Shizu of the Yuan Dynasty → Dali Ancient City → Sandao Tea or Dongjing Ancient Music Performance.
Food/specialty/shopping recommendation around Cangshan and Erhai:
Spiked water chestnut, milk fan, Xiaguan Tuo tea, Dali beer, Xiaguan feather painting, Gantong tea, roasted tea, etc.

Travel tips
1. Take rain gear, clothes, sunscreen, medicine, etc. before going out;  
2. Pay attention to personal and property safety, and take good care of the elderly and children accompanying.

Play Points in Cangshan Erhai Scenic Area : Photography, hiking, rock climbing, rafting, sightseeing, historic sites, forests, nature reserves
Ticket price of Cangshan Lake and Erhai Lake
Free ticket for children under 1.2m (excluding), half ticket for children between 1.2m and 1.4m (excluding), full ticket for children above 1.4m.
30 yuan/person, 140 yuan/person for the cruise ship (although the cruise ticket price fluctuates in the season, including the ticket for Nanzhao Island, the fee for the protection of Erhai Lake resources, and the Bai nationality's three tea song and dance performances).

Opening Hours of Cangshan Lake and Erhai Lake : Open all day
Address of Cangshan Erhai Scenic Spot Yunnan Province Dali Prefecture Dali City Erhai
Phone number of Cangshan Erhai Scenic Area :0872-2325080 2289977 2277767
How to get to Cangshan and Erhai : Take bus No.2 in Dali to the scenic spot.


Tourist evaluation [Cangshan Lake and Erhai Lake] tourist attractions
@ Afa Shunfeng The Erhai Lake of adults is particularly beautiful. Because it is backed by Cangshan Mountain, it looks very spectacular. Walking on the coastal roads of Erhai Lake is a special enjoyment. The sea breeze is boring and has a special taste.
@ Nothing : This is really a good place to visit, like one after another.
@ New client door : I have been to Erhai Lake for many times. The time and the point of view are different each time. The mood is the same. It is beautiful to see Erhai Lake from any angle, especially this time, the sea and the sky are the same.

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