Yuanjue Temple Tower

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Datong tourist attractions in Shanxi. Yuanjue Temple (brick tower of Yuanjue Temple) is commonly known as "small temple". In May 2013, Hunyuan Yuanjue Temple Pagoda was announced as the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units.
According to the Records of Hunyuan Prefecture in the Shunzhi edition of the Qing Dynasty, "Yuanjue Temple was built by Monk Xuanzhen in the third year of Jin Zhenglong's reign (1158) in the east of the prefecture." It was originally a complete set of ancient buildings centered on the tower, including the main hall, east and west side halls, mountain gates, and west cross courtyard halls. In the 1930s, the Japanese invaded and demolished all the wooden structures in the temple. Now only one brick tower remains as the original structure of the Jin Dynasty. In the fifth year of Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty (1469), the fourth year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1576), and the ninth year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1859), they were repaired, or brick inscriptions or stone inscriptions were embedded in brick towers.

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Ticket price of Yuanjue Temple : Free
Address of Yuanjue Temple Scenic Spot Shanxi Province Datong City Hunyuan County Chengshiqiao North Lane

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Yuanjue Temple Tower

Tourist evaluation [Yuanjue Temple] tourist attractions
@ Mass layoffs and The whole Yuanjue Temple tower is divided into three parts: the base, the body and the top. The first floor of Xumizhou is carved with animal face taotie, dou hump, covering lotus and looking up lotus, and the base of the petal seat is carved with bricks. In addition to the image of the mighty man who absorbed the ancient Greek Hercules, there are relief sculptures of dance figures, some for long sleeve dance, some for long rope dance, some for holding the pipa, some for supporting the Jie drum to play the Qiang flute, and some for slapping the board, with different poses, lifelike and moving.
@ smiao : Yong'an Temple Pagoda in Hunyuan County is a kind of pagoda that was closed after it was repaired. Fortunately, during the National Day holiday, the gatekeeper also expected to subsidize the family use in the name of incense money from visitors. I went back to Hunyuan and turned into the county, where the gatekeeper was. I entered the tower yard and listened to the wind chime on the tower for a while.
@ mdimingo : It's really a beautiful brick tower. It's just in front of Yong'an Temple. You can visit it on the way to Hengshan Mountain. You can refer to the marks on Baidu map. {There are two Yong'an Temple on Baidu map, and the one behind Yuanjue Temple is right}. Yong'an Temple is called the big temple by local people, and Yuanjue Temple is the small temple. The two are very close, so we can visit together, but unfortunately they were just repaired when we went there and were not open, so we can only look outside the wall. We can't get a close view of the beautiful decoration on the tower. We may charge tickets later, but it should not be very expensive.

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