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Jianmen Shu Path Located in Jiange County, Mianyang and Guangyuan, the scenic spot is a scenic spot linked by the "Shu Path" between the continuous Qinling Mountains, Bashan Mountains and Minshan Mountains. In 1982, it was designated as one of the first national key scenic spots. With a total length of 450 kilometers, the area is rich in natural landscapes such as mountains, rivers, forests and springs, and there are many places of interest along the Shu Road.

Jianmen Shu Path Scenic Spot Distribution
Ancient plank road, ruins of the ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Empress Wu Temple, Huangze Temple, Tang and Song Stone Carved Thousand Buddha Rock, Jianmen Pass, ancient post road Cuiyun Corridor, Qiqushan Temple, Li Bai's hometown, Sanxingdui Ruins, Deyang Confucian Temple, Zhaohua Ancient City, Thousand Buddha Cliff, Posthouse, Horse Wall, Horse Drinking Trough, Pangtong Temple, Fuleshan, Ziyun Pavilion, Jiang Wan Tomb, Liangshan Temple, etc.

Jianmen Shu Road Tourist Route : Cuiyun Corridor → Jianmen Pass → Jianmen Shu Path → Liangshan Temple, etc.

Food/specialty/shopping recommendation around Jianmen Shudao
Cangxi Snow Pear, Chuanming Ginseng, Qingchuan Seven Buddha Tea, Gastrodia elata, Bamboo Fungus, Guangyuan Walnut Cake, Walnut, Queen's Steamed Cold Noodle, White Flower Stone Carving, Jianmen Tofu, Jiange Wand, Sichuan rattan ware, Chinese prickly ash, Eucommia ulmoides, Zitong Tablet Powder, Zitong Crisp Cake, Jianmen Gudao Brand Green Tea, etc.

Jianmen Shudao Scenic Spot Photography , hiking, sightseeing, historic sites, famous mountains, forests, national parks, forest mountains, historic sites and roads
Ticket price of Jianmen Shu Road
Ticket of Cuiyun Corridor: 30 yuan/person;  
Ticket of Huangze Temple: 15 yuan/person;  
Ticket of Qiqushan Temple: 40 yuan/person;  
Sanxingdui Site Pass: 82 yuan/person;  
Admission to Li Bai's hometown: 40 yuan/person;  
Ticket of Zhaohua Ancient City: 58 yuan/person;  
Ticket for Jianmenguan Scenic Spot: 30 yuan/person;  
Admission to Liangshan Temple: 30 yuan/person.
Opening Hours of Jianmen Shu Path :8:00-18:00
Jianmen Shudao Service Phone :0839-6750978
Address of Jianmen Shudao Scenic Spot Sichuan Province Guangyuan City Jiange County Jianmen Shu Road in Menguan Scenic Area
How to get to Jianmen Shu Path
Tourists can first arrive at Guangyuan, Sichuan, and then transfer at Guangyuan to reach Jianmen Shudao Scenic Spot. Jianmen Pass Scenic Area is very suitable for self driving travel. The road condition is good and the scenery is also good. Along the way, you can visit Pangtong Temple in Luojiang, Deyang, Fule Mountain, Ziyun Pavilion, Jiang Wan Tomb in Mianyang, Qiqu Mountain Temple in Zitong, etc scenic spot

Tourist evaluation [Jianmen Shu Road] tourist attractions
@ Waterfront East : I drove from the south gate. Cong Nanmen, who was physically strong, started climbing the mountain and returned after arriving at the glass plank road. Without physical strength, take the bus from the south gate of the parking lot to the viewing platform. Four yuan a person to the back of the mountain. After climbing the mountain for ten or twenty minutes, you can reach the temple and the glass plank road. Then go down the mountain to see other scenic spots.
@ Ginseng smoke : OK. It takes four hours to finish the whole journey, which requires high physical strength. The cable car has some pits
@ Look at the killing aura : It is recommended that tourists with poor physical strength should not enter from the North Gate or the South Gate and charter a car from the North Gate to the top of the mountain. It costs about 100 yuan to climb from top to bottom to save physical strength. It also takes about 4 hours to go down the mountain without taking the cable car. The overall feeling of Jiange is good. It is much smaller than Mount Emei, but the bird path is really difficult for old people and children to climb.
@ As a patient with acrophobia: The glass viewing platform did not dare to go up, and the cableway did not sit down. It's really tiring to walk from Liangshan Temple to the south gate, but the scenery is very good, and the mountain road is rugged but fun.

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