Jinhua Palace National Mine Park

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Jinhua Palace National Mine Park Shanxi Datong AAAA Tourist Attraction, Jinhua Palace National Mine Park has a total investment of 463 million yuan, covers an area of 360000 square meters, and is separated from the world cultural heritage Yungang Grottoes by a river. In 2000, it developed the first "underground exploration tour" project in China and the only one in Asia, and became the first batch of national industrial tourism demonstration sites. The park integrates the protection of industrial sites, environmental renewal, ecological restoration and green mine construction. It is a new leisure and sightseeing park, and also a mining cultural and creative park that has left a complete modern industrial memory for the world.

Jinhua Palace National Mine Park integrates coal history, industrial sites, modern tourism, cultural landscape and green mine construction, realizing the organic combination of industrial sites and coal mine characteristic folk culture, especially facing Yungang Grottoes across the river, depicting a beautiful picture of "coal" culture and "Buddha" culture.

The main scenic spots in the park include the Coal Museum and underground adventure tours. The coal museum in the park is a large address mine museum integrating science, knowledge, appreciation and interest. The treasure of the town hall here is a kind of silicified wood that has become coal. The whole body is dark and the texture is clear. So far, you can clearly see the scales and veins of the original plants. Tourists can also participate in underground exploration tours to truly understand the historical knowledge of the formation of coal in the Jurassic period 140 million years ago, experience the historical evolution process from the original coal mining to modern coal mining, and experience the underground life of coal workers. Before visiting the well, tourists need to change their work clothes and wear helmets. When there are about five people, there will be a special person in the scenic spot to guide them down the well.

Distribution of scenic spots in Jinhua Palace National Mine Park
There are six main scenic spots, including beacon tower ruins, ecological park, coal museum, underground exploration tour, industrial site area, Jinyang Lake, Yangfo Platform, stone village, shantytown ruins, etc. Among them, Datong Coal Museum is the landmark building of the park. There are five exhibition areas in the exhibition hall, namely, coal formation, coal mining, coal utilization, coal culture and century old coal.

Special Tips for Jinhua Palace National Mine Park
The elderly over 60 years old, children under 12 years old, the disabled, heart disease patients and other special groups refuse to go down the well to explore.
2. Due to the special underground exploration area, 5 or more people are required to go down the well. If there are less than 5 people, please follow the arrangement of the staff in the scenic spot.
3. Underground exploration is a special area. For the sake of tourists' safety, the scenic spot will not be open to the public if it encounters gas exceeding the limit.

Food/specialty/shopping recommendation around Jinhua Palace National Mine Park
Shanxi noodles, three yellow and two white, Yungang beer, Datong fried cake, flavor jelly, Datong fried cake, wild seabuckthorn, Datong roasted lamb chops, Datong mutton in sour soup, and naked oats noodles;
Datong Zhang's origami, Datong Coal Carving, Yungang Silk Man.

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Ticket price of Jinhua Palace National Mine Park : Museum 40 yuan Underground exploration 120 yuan
Opening Hours of Jinhua Palace National Mine Park :9:00-16:00
Address of Jinhua Palace National Mine Park Shanxi Province Datong City Yungang District Jinhua Palace, Yungang Town
Jinhua Palace National Mine Park Scenic Area Tel :0352-7086666, 7086600
How to get to Jinhua Palace National Mine Park/by bus
1. Bus route: take No. 3 bus to Jinhuagong Mine Station.  
2. Self driving route: Zhanbei Street Weidu Avenue West Ring Road Yungang Road S339 Park.

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Tourist evaluation [Jinhua Palace National Mine Park] tourist attractions
@ Gold The next day in Datong, I didn't rush to the famous Yungang Grottoes, but got off the bus when it was one stop away from Yungang. My destination in the morning was Jinhuagong Coal Mine. Shanxi is the coal capital, public, private, large and small. It is estimated that the number is too large to count. The Jinhua Palace I went to is a national level coal mine. When I visited the south of Shanxi several years ago, I learned that there was a project to visit the underground. However, it was only open to teams at that time, and it needed to make an appointment in advance. I had called to consult before coming, and now the Jinhua Palace is open to individual tourists, and there is no need to make an appointment in advance. The history of Jinhuagong Coal Mine can be traced back to before the founding of the People's Republic of China. Now it has become a living community. Outside the innermost coal mine working area, it is surrounded by primary schools, health centers, residential areas, even hotels and hotels. You know, the coal mine I used to imagine was just a dark hole. With curiosity for me, the staff of the coal mine warmly received me. First of all, I went to change into the work clothes in the well. The clothes and shoes in the changing room are large and uniform. When I put on the spacious work clothes, the whole person was shaking. After the change, the staff took me to the worker's bathroom. Today in Datong, the temperature dropped a little, and it was snowing in the morning. I struggled with the staff in the snow, but I still did not forget to ask why I went to the staff bathroom? The staff said that the workers who went down the well need to clean themselves in time after they went up the well, so the bathroom is both the entrance to the well and the exit to the well. When we entered the staff bathroom, we first went to the goods workshop, got the miner's lamp and first-aid kit, tied them to ourselves, and made these preparations before we really started to go down the well. The lower wellhead of Jinhua Palace is unusually clean and bright. We took the elevator enclosed by the iron fence and went down to the ground 285 meters below in about five minutes. Continue, we got on the orange small iron train again, and drove into the deep coal mine with the tinkling sound. I don't know whether it is because we are underground. The original 15 minute journey of the small train has become a bit long in the dark environment. Instead of driving into the deepest mine, we stopped at a working level, which has now been specially opened for tourists. The so-called working level is the mining interface, so we can see the development process of China's coal industry under the coal seams on both sides. From the original drill and knock back mining, to blasting mining, to general machine mining, to the current comprehensive machine tunneling mining, over the decades, coal mining has developed into automatic production, greatly reducing the output of coal mining It ensures the safety of production workers. After years of mining, thick coal crystals have been formed in the coal seams on both sides. When we passed the overhead lamp, we saw the coal seams shining like diamonds. The return journey is still to take a small train. This kind of iron train is very similar to the small train that children like to play in the amusement park. There are three cars per fuel, and each car can take four people. A small train can take up to a dozen cars.
@ Time on speech : It's worth going. The mine park is clean, tidy, and reasonably arranged. It is close to Yungang Grottoes. There is a telescope on the mountain, which can take a closer look at the surrounding scenery. The underground exploration tour is very worthwhile, but you must gather five people to go. There are also mine cars and locomotives in the scenic area, which can be visited and photographed. In short, it is highly recommended here.
@ sadkhc : It's an unexpected discovery that there is such a well built coal park. It's very fun to go down the well to explore. Unfortunately, it's worth it if you don't take photos with your mobile phone!

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