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Xiantao Miancheng Scenic Spot , Hubei Xiantao AA Tourist Attraction. Miancheng is an ancient city with a long history and splendid culture of more than 1400 years. It is located in the hinterland of the Jianghan Plain, near the Dongjing River in the south and the Paihu Lake in the north. It has a long history, many places of interest and historical sites, and unique cultural landscape. It is known as "forty-eight ancient wells, forty-eight arches, forty-eight ancient temples".

Here, there are many treasures and outstanding people. Chen Youliang, the leader of a generation of peasant uprisings, gave birth to the first Communist Party group in Mianyang County, created a large number of revolutionary martyrs and people with lofty ideals, such as Yang Gang, the "Golden Arrow Goddess" and Yang Zao, the "News Giant", and left countless beautiful stories and moving legends.

There are many places of interest and historical sites, and the cultural landscape is unique. The 48 Ancient Wells, 48 Memorial Archways and 48 Ancient Temples are famous for the former residence of Chen Youliang, the reading desk of Zhuge Liang, the political office of Di Renjie, and the city walls of Fuzhou in the Tang Dynasty. It has rich ethnic customs and rich cultural heritage. It is a gathering place of religious culture, including Taoist Xuanmiao Temple, Buddhist Pufo Temple, Islamic mosque, Confucian Confucius Temple, etc; It is also a gathering place for folk activities, including the annual cultural temple fair, the lantern festival, the dragon boat race, the Eid al Fitr Festival, the lotus art festival, etc.

Miancheng is the abbreviation of Mianyang City. Since the 17th year of Datong in the Western Wei Dynasty (551), Miancheng was established as a prefecture, which was named after the prefecture's governance in the north of Mianshui. For 1454 years, Miancheng has been a prefecture, state, and county. It has a long history, numerous legends, a collection of religious places, profound cultural heritage, beautiful natural scenery, and strange water charm: Zhuge Liang, a military strategist of the Three Kingdoms, once married a good marriage here, worked hard, and left a reading platform for Zhuge Liang; Chen Youliang, a farmer leader at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, once raised the flag here and left his former residence Xuanmiao Temple; Di Renjie, the famous prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, once asked about politics with pure heart here, and there was the office of Di Lianggong asking about politics; In addition, there are many places of interest such as the city wall of Fuzhou in the Tang Dynasty, the Taoist Xuanmiao Temple, the Buddhist Pufo Temple, the Islamic mosque, the Confucian Confucius Temple, and many other places of interest. The thousand mu Dongmeng Red Lotus Pond and the green cultural corridor outside the city are the most ideal places for citizens to relax, spend holidays, enjoy the lotus, fish, go boating, and have fun.

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Miancheng Scenic Spot : Cultural tour, historical tour, ancient city
Ticket price of Mianyang Scenic Area : Free
Opening Hours of Mianyang Scenic Area : All day
Address of Mianyang Scenic Spot Hubei province Xiantao City No. 93, Jiuhemen Main Street, Miancheng Hui Town
How to get to Mianyang Scenic Area/by bus
1. Xiantao Passenger Station has passenger shuttle buses to Mianyang;
2. You can take a taxi or bus to Mianyang Scenic Area.

Miancheng Scenic Spot, Xiantao City

Mianyang Ancient City Site


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@ osadkn : Miancheng Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of the city. There are many places of interest and historic sites. Unfortunately, many cultural relics were destroyed during the Anti Japanese War. There are not many left. There are Xuanmiao Temple, Pufo Temple, Sima Bridge, Zhuge Wuhou Temple, etc. The ancient city wall was rebuilt in the 21st century.
@ Read the online : The scenic spots are more standard and have less characteristics

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