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Shanghai Lavender Park country 4A Grade A scenic spot. Formerly Moslian Vanilla Garden and Bright Ecological Garden, it is the largest lavender garden in Shanghai. The lavender flower field here introduces the pure French Merlot lavender, which comes from the Ili River Valley, one of the four major producing areas in the world. With the ups and downs of the terrain, and the crabapple flower gallery winding among them, it is full of dynamic beauty. Many shooting spots with different shapes in the park provide tourists with unique artistic scenes, which can be compared to fairyland with the boundless flower fields. Successfully held for three consecutive years Shanghai Lavender Festival It has become one of the three major flower festivals in Shanghai. two thousand and nineteen Lavender Festival in four month twenty-six The official unveiling will last until six month sixteen Day.

Shanghai Lavender Park Tourism strategy
It is divided into south garden and north garden, with lavender twenty 10000 plants. South garden area thirty 10000 square meters, mainly including the area where large areas of artificial flowers are planted and the tourist leisure area, including lavender flower fields, rose gardens, big lawns and vanilla science parks. North garden area seventy Million square meters, mainly for ecotourism supporting facilities, with camping bases, etc. The park also added three 10000 square meters of unpowered parent-child play interaction area. During the Lavender Festival, six recreation and leisure experience areas will be opened, which can be experienced by both teenagers and children twenty A number of world-wide imported amusement brand equipment, enjoy the infinite fun of climbing, sliding, adventure and entertainment.

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Related derivatives made of lavender and other flowers, such as essential oil, skin care products, dried flowers, etc.

Shanghai Lavender Park Scenic spots Outing, photography, flowers, hiking, relaxation

Shanghai Lavender Park Ticket Price sixty element

Shanghai Lavender Park Opening Hours four month twenty-seven day -6 month sixteen day 09:00-18:00

Shanghai Lavender Park Scenic spot address Shanghai Lavender Park, No. 187, Lane 399, Shendi East Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai ( International Tourist Resort )

Shanghai Lavender Park How can we go there? / How can I get there by bus
Metro Line 11 Disney Station
Bus No.1 International Tourism Resort, Pudong No.51, Eco Park Road Station
Self driving Outer Ring Expressway → Yingbin Expressway → Tanghuang Road Overpass → Tanghuang Road → Shendi East Road → Lavender Avenue
Tel of Shanghai Lavender Park Scenic Area :4001859911

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@ Xuke Chivalrous Robber: Shanghai Lavender Park is very close to Shanghai Disneyland. You can choose two or three days to stroll around. In spring, the scenery here is very beautiful, especially suitable for taking photos and clocking in

@ sand (xher) Meidao: I think so. It's really a good place to go. It's a good place to travel in the past during the epidemic. There are just photos here. I think it's worth going!
@ Wood grain color H : There is a special park in Shanghai, that is, Shanghai Lavender Park, which is very rare in China. When you step into this park, the lavender fragrance comes to your nose, and you can see the lavender in front of you, which is very spectacular.

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