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Kazanqi Folk Village , the AAAA tourist attraction in Ili, Xinjiang, is the capital of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture and the political, economic and cultural center of Ili Prefecture. Kazanqi Folk Custom Tourist Area in Yining City, Xinjiang is the only large-scale humanistic scenic spot in northern Xinjiang that mainly reflects the Uygur customs. It is the window of the city image of Ili and a vivid portrayal of the national customs. It covers the profound Uyghur culture in southern Xinjiang, and it does not lose the unique customs of the Uyghur people in northern Xinjiang. It is cheerful, bright but dignified.

Kazanqi Folk Custom Tourist Area is located in the old urban area of Yining City, with a total area of about 22.9 square kilometers (4.2 square kilometers have been developed). There are 27511 households and 126575 people in the tourist area. The tourist area is a large-scale tourist attraction that Yining Municipal Party Committee and the government invested more than 100 million yuan in comprehensive renovation and tourism development in 2007 in line with the principle of protective development; The tourist area focuses on displaying Yili Uygur folk customs, and strives to retain the original folk houses, customs and customs to the maximum extent, aiming to build it into an original large-scale humanistic tourist attraction integrating rich culture, honest folk customs and colorful styles.

The beauty of Kazanqi lies in its simplicity. Kazan is hospitable and warm-hearted. No matter strangers or acquaintances, once they come home, they will treat each other with tea and water, and stay at home sincerely. Kazan is open-minded and optimistic, and loves life. Whether in or out of the hospital, rich or poor, they will plant flowers, plants and fruit trees, and everywhere is clean and tidy. On festivals, residents always wear beautiful national costumes, sing beautiful national songs, and dance happy national dances. The scene is very lively.

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Kazanqi Folk Village Scenic Spot : characteristic buildings Photography Ethnic Culture Tour, Ancient Silk Road Culture, Western and Eastern Asian Historical Customs
Ticket price of Kazanqi Folk Village : Free
Opening Hours of Kazanqi Folk Village : All day
Address of Kazanqi Folk Village Scenic Spot Xinjiang Ili Prefecture Yining City Kazanqi Tourist Area beside the People's Hospital on Xinhua East Road
Kazanqi Folk Village Scenic Area Tel :0999-8020688
How to get to Kazanqi Folk Village/by bus : Kazanqi Folk Village Scenic Spot can be reached by train and bus

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@ Dividends : Free admission. In the old city of Yining, I have come here to wander freely in the past two summers. In addition to the old city of Kashgar, this is another old city of Xinjiang that I like very much. In contrast to the mud yellow old city of Kashgar, this is a colorful world. The colorful big houses are bold in color matching. I am really addicted to taking pictures here. There are no cars and few people on the street. You can stop quietly to enjoy and compose pictures. When you are tired of walking, you can eat hand-made ice cream. There are several stores on the street. Unless you are in a hurry, you don't need to take a carriage.
@ Sadik oon : I have long admired the exotic customs of Yining Kazan, and finally came to the scene. It took me more than half a day to wander alone in the streets here. The unique architectural style and color charm interweave, and I feel the indifferent life of people here in the quiet. It is really a worthwhile trip.
@ I didn't buy anything Kazanqi Folk Village is a place where Uyghur people gather to live. After buying tickets, you can take a carriage to visit and enter the designated family. Their internal structure is a combination of Uyghur style and Russian style. The national style has European style decoration. Most of the buildings are beautiful blue houses, and friends of all sizes are enthusiastic.

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