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In order to make Lv Baba better, increase the authority of the website information, let us provide more comprehensive and detailed services for the vast number of donkey friends scenic spot Information, Lv Bapo will face Tourist merchants Part time workers We are looking for contributions.
An article can only be displayed to website visitors after review, editing, proofreading, modification, image processing and other links. The manuscript is the basis and requires standardization and tidiness.

Contribution mode : Please use E-mail to contribute. Please: Tourist attractions Picture, introduction text of the scenic spot, detailed address of the scenic spot (provincial and municipal roads, county and district roads), tickets, opening hours, scenic spot telephone Official website of the scenic spot And netizens' comments on the scenic spot and other relevant information are packaged in winzip and sent to

Description of contribution
Tourism introduction and other information can be collected on the Internet, including scenic spot pictures (self photography is preferred), addresses, tickets, opening hours, etc. Once adopted, the commission will be returned.
Submission requirements and format
Quantity: ≥ 20 sheets;
Picture requirements:
No watermark;
The picture is clear;
Only one picture is needed for different angles;
Highlight the characteristics of the scenic spot.
Text introduction format of the scenic spot
1. Introduction to the scenic spot: It needs to be edited, processed, proofread and modified to remove redundant content.
2. Address: XX Road, XX County, XX District, XX City, XXX Province
3. Admission: 00 yuan
4. Tel: 0000000000
5. Opening Hours: 0:00-0:00
6. Official website of the scenic spot: www. *****. com
7. Netizens evaluate tourist attractions

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