Distribution of tourist attractions in the autonomous region

Yining City Seaview Park

Xinjiang Yili AAA Tourist Attraction. There are many unique man-made landscapes in the park, such as dinosaur groups, elephant groups, mermaids, Dutch windmills, etc., which are harmoniously integrated with the natural landscape. A small performance platform is built in front of the flavor snack area, where tourists can enjoy folk dance, rock band, cycling, fashion show and other artistic performances

Kazanqi Folk Village

The Xinjiang Yili AAAA Tourist Attraction is the capital of Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture. The Xinjiang Yining Kazanqi Folk Custom Tourist Area is the only large-scale humanistic scenic spot in northern Xinjiang that mainly reflects the Uygur customs and is also a vivid portrayal of the ethnic customs. It covers the profound Uyghur culture in southern Xinjiang, without losing the unique customs of the Uyghur people in northern Xinjiang

Loulan Ancient City

The tourist attractions in Ruoqiang County, Bayingolin, Xinjiang, were historically blessed by the Tarim River and the Kongque River, forming a vast river alluvial plain. In addition, it is located at the throat of the traffic between China and the West, making it a shining pearl on the Silk Road. Today, most of the places here have been obliterated by relentless quicksand, leaving only the ruins of the ancient city for future generations to mourn

Ancient Ecological Park

Located in the center of Urumqi New City, Xinjiang, the park has collected and protected a large number of precious ancient ecological resources, such as silicified wood, black iron meteorite, Proctor's Mustang, and has become a unique cultural tourism theme scenic spot in China. The five major theme landscapes of China's largest sweat BMW base, Jurassic silicified wood group, meteorite group, Guhu - and Yema Art Museum are intensively displayed here

Urumqi Botanical Garden

Xinjiang Urumqi AAA tourist attractions. Urumqi Botanical Garden is a comprehensive botanical garden integrating scientific research, science popularization, science education, sightseeing and other functions. The completed community has 9 special gardens, including perennial flower area, medicinal plant area and desert plant area. It has been rated as a national 3A scenic spot and Urumqi Youth Science Popularization Education Base

Shenlong Water World

Guangxi Guilin Yanshan District AAAA tourist attractions, Guilin Shenlong Water World Scenic Spot is an important part of the Lijiang River East Bank tourist line. The scenic spot is a leisure resort featuring water culture and ancient dragon culture with beautiful scenery, lush vegetation and fresh air. In the water conservancy culture exhibition area, you can see the display of original water conservancy tools such as water mill, water hammer, water wheel, etc

Multicolored ambush

Guilin, Guangxi, is an AAAA tourist attraction. Guilin Diecai Mountain is known as the place where rivers and mountains meet. It is a tourist attraction developed by Yuan Hui, a scholar and an observer of the Guiguan in the Tang Dynasty. There are many scenic spots and cultural relics such as Huanzhu Cave, Thousand Buddha Cave, Thousand Man Pot and Big Iron Bell. There are many beautiful sceneries in the mountain, which are easy to climb. It is a popular tourist destination in Guilin

Alashan Ant Forest

Originally located in Jilantai Town, Alxa, Inner Mongolia, the three deserts of Badain Jilin, Tengger and Ulanbuh stretch across the whole territory from west to east, covering an area of about 97000 square kilometers. At present, ant forest reserves have been added: Chifeng City, Tongliao City, Ordos City and other areas. Ant Forest is a public welfare project launched by Ant Financial Services at the end of August 2016

Tengger Desert Wetland

Ningxia Zhongwei AAAA Tourist Attraction. Zhongwei Tengger Desert Wetland Tourist Attraction has won the title of 2014 China's Beautiful Pastoral Garden, 2014 China's Most Beautiful Leisure Village, and China's Drunken Desert Garden. It is the most dazzling pearl in China's desert wetland garden style love theme scenic spot, with lavender theme park, rose garden, chrysanthemum garden, lotus garden and other five flower viewing parks

Qingtongxia Grand Canyon

Ningxia Wuzhong AAAA Tourist Attraction, a national AAAA scenic spot, is a scenic spot of the Yellow River valley composed of limestone and sand shale. It is the last gorge in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. The gorge is high and deep, with cliffs on both sides. It is said that Dayu came here to control the flood and cut the mountain into a gorge. The Yellow River water poured down for thousands of miles. At this time, the sun was setting

Yinchuan Senmiao Ecological Tourism Zone

Located in Yinchuan Botanical Garden, Senmiao Ecological Tourism Area, a tourist attraction in Yinchuan, Ningxia, is a comprehensive ecological tourism area integrating ecological tourism, leisure vacation, modern agricultural sightseeing, conference training, young people's plant science popularization, and outward bound training. Natural landscapes such as lawn, gardening and waterscape in the tourist area make people feel comfortable and relaxed

Qixing Lake Desert Ecotourism Area

The seven lakes in the AAAA level tourist attraction of Inner Mongolia are arranged like the Big Dipper Seven Stars, hence the name Seven Star Lake. So there is the Big Dipper in the sky and the Seven Star Lake on the earth. The Seven Star Lake is like a pearl inlaid in the boundless Kubuqi Desert. The water quality is clear, the water grass is lush, and the surrounding area is surrounded by sand mountains, which is very magical. Activities include camel caravans, horse caravans, human karts, sand motorcycles and other projects

Uris Grassland

Inner Mongolia Alashan Left Banner AAA tourist attractions. It is proposed to invest in the construction of a comprehensive entertainment park integrating karting yards, tennis courts and swimming pools. At present, the tourism projects that can be carried out in Alxa Uris Grassland Cultural Tourism Zone: Alxa featured catering, yurt featured accommodation, equestrian performance, horse racing and camel racing performance, desert exploration, beach entertainment, etc

Imperial Horse Garden of Taipu Temple

Taipu Temple Yuma Garden Tourist Area is an AAAA tourist attraction in Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia. It has the pure grassland style of Inner Mongolia, and is called the back garden of Beijing Tianjin Hebei. There are hundreds of horses in the scenic spot, including imported warm blooded horses. Since 2008, three national equestrian competitions have been successfully held here. The scenic spot is suitable for summer

Huaxia Rare Art City

Located in Huaxi Village, Yinchuan, Ningxia, it is a miniature landscape built to show the unique charm of Islam, the Yellow River and Xixia in Ningxia. The whole art city covers an area of 40000 square meters. It is made of wind eroded rock mountains, red in color, and carved with rock paintings. It is divided into three major parts: Islamic Culture Museum, Rare Stone Museum, and Chinese Coin Museum

Shenquan Ecotourism Scenic Spot

The Inner Mongolia Hohhot AAAA Tourist Attraction is a resort and leisure place centered on a natural spring (divine spring). It is said that the divine spring has been gushing for thousands of years, and the spring water is sweet and pure. When tourists come here, they can take pleasure boats on the Yellow River, or play sand skating, camel riding, desert karting and other desert entertainment projects in the desert area

North Wudang

The AA tourist attractions of Shizuishan in Ningxia are distributed in Forest Park, North Wudang Temple, North Wudang Geopark, Jiucaigou Ruin Classic, and North Wudang is also a good place for tourists to relax and get close to nature on holidays, integrating ecological sightseeing, religious pilgrimage, modern leisure and entertainment, military experience, and extreme sports. The good natural scenery and tranquility of the temple in the scenic spot are integrated with the scenery of Helan Mountain

Tibet Museum

Tibet AAAA Tourist Attraction, the first museum with modern functions in Tibet. The Tibet Museum has a collection of all kinds of prehistoric cultural relics, statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva in various textures and shapes, Tibetan classics dipped in gold, silver, coral powder and other hand written books, colorful Thangka paintings, various musical instruments, magic tools, handicrafts with distinctive national characteristics, and unique pottery

Sayram Lake

Xinjiang Bortala AAAA tourist attractions. It is the cold water lake with the highest altitude and the largest area in Xinjiang. It is famous for its magical and beautiful natural scenery at all times and in all over the world, and has the reputation of being the spiritual land in the world. The surrounding mountains are green and the waves resonate with the pines. For a long time, the legend of the lake monster, the wind tunnel in the center of the lake and the magnetic field at the bottom of the lake has also spread around the Sayram Lake, which casts a mysterious veil of imagination on the beautiful Sayram Lake

The Tanggula mountains

Located in Naqu, Tibet, it means mountains on the plateau in Tibetan, also called Dangla Mountain or Dangla Ridge, which is the watershed of the Yangtze River and Nujiang River. It is one of the mountains with the largest internal height and specific height of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. You can also see the mysterious four scenes of the day. There are also herdsmen who provide horse photos, sell snow lotus, butter tea, tents and teahouses

Liupan Mountain

Ningxia Guyuan AAAA Tourist Attraction is a must pass of the northern road of the eastern section of the ancient Silk Road, an important fortress for military use in past dynasties, and an important red tourist attraction to commemorate the Long March of the Red Army. It is famous at home and abroad because of Mao Zedong's brilliant poem "Qing Ping Le - Liupan Mountain". Climbing to the main peak, you can overlook the fog in the morning and the sea of clouds. When the sun rises and the clouds open, you can see many mountains and mountains emerging one after another

Moon Lake

AAAA level tourist attraction in Inner Mongolia Alashan League, the lake is like the moon embedded in the grassland, so it is called Moon Lake. In the hearts of Mongolian people, the sun and moon are revered as gods. There are many interesting projects here: surfing in the sand sea - go kart racing in the desert, whipping in the battlefield - crossing horses across the wilderness, playing with swans in the blue water, watching the stars from the campfire

gegentala grassland

AAAA Tourist Attraction/Area in Inner Mongolia, where grassland features are strong and charming, has been an excellent natural pasture since ancient times, and is a tourist attraction with Mongolian ethnic customs. The Nadam Grassland Tourism Festival will be held at the end of July every year, where tourists can watch Mongolian traditional ethnic activities such as horse racing, wrestling, archery, etc

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