Distribution of tourist attractions in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Tourist Tower

Located in the lobby area of Macao, it costs MOP 1 billion. The 10th independent sightseeing tower in the world is a member of the World Tower Alliance. The construction of the tower began in 1998, when the Asian financial crisis severely impacted the economy of Macao. However, Stanley Ho, a famous industrialist in Macao, was ahead of the game, optimistic about the Macao market after the return, and resolutely invested in the construction of this sightseeing tower

Pokfulam Country Park

A country park located in the west of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The park is surrounded by the flag pulling mountain. The top of the mountain is an urbanized residential area and tourist attraction. In addition to the water pond and Laqi Mountain, the country park also includes the West High Mountain and Qili Mountain. At the same time, it is the starting point of the first section of the Hong Kong Island Trail. Walking along Xiali Road, you can have a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour

Taichung Confucius Temple

Located in Taichung tourist attractions, Taiwan. The two buildings are built adjacent to each other, both of which are Chinese style buildings with solemn momentum, which is rare in other parts of the province. The total land area of the Confucius Temple is 23653.20 square meters, and the total building area is 2363.88 square meters. The entrance of the Confucius Temple is on Shuangshi Road, and there are two arches at the intersection

yangmingshan national park

One of Taiwan's famous scenic spots. It is the smallest and most famous of Taiwan's five national parks, with the largest feature of the volcanic landscape including the Datun volcanic group. Yangming Mountain National Park generally refers to the mountainous area composed of Datun Mountain, Qixing Mountain, Shamao Mountain and Xiaoguanyin Mountain, covering Shilin District of Taipei City, some mountainous areas of Beitou, and mountainous areas such as Danshui District and Sanzhi District of Xinbei City

Big Buddha

New Territories tourist attractions in Hong Kong. The Buddha statue is 34 meters high and made of 250 tons of bronze and 4 kilograms of gold. It is the second largest outdoor bronze seated Buddha statue in the world. You need to climb 268 steps before coming to the Buddha. The face of the Buddha statue refers to the Lushena Buddha in the Longmen Grottoes, which is solemn. Every year, a large number of believers come to worship

Tsim Sha Tsui

It is the main tourist area and shopping area in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the center of museums and entertainment, and the museum center of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong History Museum, Hong Kong Space Museum, etc. are all concentrated here. Almost all the most important cultural sites in Hong Kong are here, which makes tourists enjoy themselves very much. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the harbor at the Star Ferry Pier

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

A comprehensive park integrating outdoor sports, leisure, arts and intellectual activities. It is known as the first Chinese modern architecture in Taiwan and the memorial hall of Dr. Sun Yat sen. At the beginning of the museum's opening, it mainly displayed cultural relics related to the revolutionary historical sites of the founding father. The memorial hall has been used mostly for artistic performances or award ceremonies. It is Taiwan's largest national performance venue, and so far the memorial hall has been used mostly for artistic performances or award ceremonies

Puji Temple

Also known as Guanyin Hall, it is one of the three Zen temples in Macao and one of the eight new sights in Macao. It was built in the late Ming Dynasty, more than 360 years ago, with a grand scale and a long history. The Zen Temple is a Chinese ancient flying Buddhist building. The first hall is the Mahavira Hall, the second hall is the Longevity Buddha Hall, and the back main hall is the Guanyin Hall. There is a vast and deep back garden behind the yard, of which 18 arhats stand on both sides, with exquisite carving and lifelike shape


Taroko Grand Canyon and Taroko National Park are pronounced from the language of Taiwan's local minorities, meaning: great mountains. In the mountains live the Rainbow God worshipped by Taroko people. It would be a great pity if we didn't go to Hualien Taroko Pavilion after visiting all the scenic spots in Taiwan. The landscape of Changchun Temple, Yanzikou, Jiuqu Cave and other canyons is breathtaking. When walking in every corner of the Taroko Canyon, you can feel the greatness of nature's creation power

Lu Lianruo Park

Lulianruo Park, also known as Lujia Garden, is the only famous garden in Macao with Suzhou garden style. The pavilions, ponds, rocks and mountains, bridges, waterfalls, winding paths and corridors in the park are as intoxicating as the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River. Part of. The rockery in the garden is piled up into strange peaks and rocks. The rockery near the Jiuqu Bridge is full of lotus flowers in summer, swaying and beautiful

Repulse Bay

It is located in the south of Hong Kong Island. One of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. It exudes a pleasant and leisurely atmosphere everywhere. It is a popular place for Hong Kong people to spend summer and enjoy the tides. It is known as the best bay in the world. The sea water is clear, the beach is long and broad, and it has the reputation of Oriental Hawaii. This is also a high-end residential area in Hong Kong, with many villas and luxury houses all over the slope of the bay. With its beautiful natural scenery

Clarification lake

In the past, it was called Dabei Lake or Dakun Lake because there were many shellfish in the lake. Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Known as Taiwan's West Lake, Chiang Kai shek loved it very much in the past. The beauty of the lakes and mountains in the area makes people linger. The main scenic spots include three bridges, six scenic spots and eight scenic spots. If visitors want to enjoy the full picture of the Lake, they must also climb the Zhongxing Tower. Tourists walk up the winding staircase and have a panoramic view of the lake area

Taipei 101 building

Also known as Taipei Financial Building, it was the tallest building in the world at that time. Construction started in 1998 and was officially completed on December 31, 2004. The whole building has everything from office, shopping, leisure, food street, etc. The observation deck of the high-rise building is located on the 89th floor, which is 382.2 meters high. Taking the world's fastest constant pressure elevator can reach a speed of 1010 meters per minute in just over 30 seconds. It's a thrilling feeling

the Ruins of the Cathedral of Saint Paul

As one of the landmarks of Macao, the Ruins of Da San Ba became a United Nations World Cultural Heritage in 2005 as part of Macao's historic city. This church combines the styles of European Renaissance and Oriental architecture, reflecting the blend of eastern and western arts, with fine sculpture and majesty

Macao Historic District

World cultural heritage is the most historic old city in Macao. It is connected by adjacent squares and streets, including more than 20 historical buildings. Because of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, most of the buildings in the urban area have the characteristics of combining Chinese and Western cultures. In 2005, they were rated as World Heritage

Tea Set Cultural Relics Museum

The branch of the Hong Kong Museum of Art is located in the Central Park of Hong Kong. This two-story building is divided into upper and lower parts. There are six exhibition rooms in total. The upstairs is "Yixing Purple Clay Ware", and the downstairs is "Chinese Tea Taste". It introduces and shows the history of Chinese tea drinking and various tea sets in the past dynasties

Statue Square

The Queen's Statue Square was named after Sir Thomas Jackson, a general manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. His bronze statue stood on the square, looking solemn and solemn. Walking across the Zada Road and across the square, you can see the Peace Monument to commemorate those who died in two world wars. In the vicinity, there are many buildings named after some early entrepreneurs in Hong Kong


Taipa Island is shaped like a whale. There are big Taipa Mountains and small Taipa Mountains in the east and west, and a large area of flat land formed by siltation and reclamation in the middle. There are two 2.5km and 4.5km long bridges connecting Macao, and the famous scenic spots Guanyinyan, Bodi Garden, residential museum, Bodi Garden

Large battery

It was built in 1616 to prevent Dutch and pirate attacks. Now it is one of the important historical sites in Macao. You can visit the hundred year old cannons on the fort and overlook the beautiful scenery of Macao. You can also visit the nearby Macao Museum at the same time

Xizi Bay

The Xiziwan Scenic Area faces the Qijin Peninsula across the sea to the south and the Wanshou Mountain to the north. It is famous for its bathing beaches with occasional blue sea and golden sand, gorgeous sunset seascape and natural reefs. Xizi sunset is one of the eight scenic spots in Kaohsiung. Every evening, tourists always gather together to enjoy the magnificent sunset moment in the vast sea and sky, which is very romantic

Taiping Mountain

Victoria Peak, the highest peak on Hong Kong Island, is 554 meters above sea level. You can drive up the mountain from the highway. More tourists prefer to choose the cable car, because it is a fast and valuable means of transportation to the top of the mountain

Eastern Ocean Lighthouse

It is the highest point of the Macao Peninsula. Founded in 1865, it has sentry houses, powder stores, lighthouses, etc. From the spiral staircase to the top of the tower, you can overlook the whole Macao peninsula and the "Macao historical city", and have an invincible view. Next to the lighthouse, there is the Holy Hall of the Virgin Snow Palace

Macao Taipa Bridge

Macao Taipa (d à ng) Bridge is the first bridge connecting Macao Peninsula and Taipa Island. Designed by Portuguese bridge expert Jia Duosu, Macao Jinghai Changhong has a total length of about 2.5 kilometers. In different seasons, the bridge is beautiful day and night, becoming a scenic spot of Macao and a symbol of Macao's development

Yehliu Geopark

After millions of years of erosion and weathering, a long and narrow headland protruding from the north coast has gradually formed a rare geological wonder in the world with huge scale, various rocks and shapes, making the 1.7km headland the most famous geological park in Taiwan

Ocean Park

The Ocean Park faces the sea from the mountain. It has the largest marine aquarium and theme park in Southeast Asia. It is mainly divided into two parts: the seaside park at the foot of the mountain and the peak park at the top of the mountain. Connected by the seascape cable car, it is divided into eight theme tourist attractions, including Asia Animal World, Dream Water City, Weiwei World, and Ocean World

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