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Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Changning District AAAA Tourist Attraction. It is one of the top ten zoos in China and the second largest city zoo in China. Shanghai Zoo is one of the best ecological gardens in the urban area of Shanghai. The distribution of scenic spots: Science and Education Museum, Jiuqu Corridor, Squirrel Monkey Ecological Park, Festival Tail Lemur Park, Beast Ecological Park, Chimpanzee Ecological Exhibition Area, Asian Elephant Exhibition Area, Giraffe Hall, etc

Shenzhen Safari Park

Shenzhen Safari Park, the AAAA tourist attraction in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is the first free range safari park in China, built on the bank of Xili Lake in Shenzhen with beautiful mountains and rivers, and the first subtropical new garden ecological environment scenic spot in China that integrates various gardening and viewing functions such as zoo, botanical garden, popular science park, etc. Integrating science popularization, education, entertainment and experience

Jinhua Palace National Mine Park

Shanxi Datong AAAA Tourist Attraction, Jinhua Palace National Mine Park covers an area of 360000 square meters, separated from the world cultural heritage Yungang Grottoes by a river. It has developed the first underground exploration tour project in China and the only one in Asia, becoming the first batch of national industrial tourism demonstration sites. The park integrates industrial site protection, environmental renewal, ecological restoration and green mine construction

Urumqi Botanical Garden

Xinjiang Urumqi AAA tourist attractions. Urumqi Botanical Garden is a comprehensive botanical garden integrating scientific research, science popularization, science education, sightseeing and other functions. The completed community has 9 special gardens, including perennial flower area, medicinal plant area and desert plant area. It has been rated as a national 3A scenic spot and Urumqi Youth Science Popularization Education Base

Ruihua Orchard

Shanghai Chongming AAA Tourist Attraction has the largest rose themed park in the suburbs of Shanghai, and a modern eco-tourism sightseeing center integrating modern ecological forest fruit demonstration, fruit brand production, leisure, vacation, experience, sightseeing, and popular science education. It is not only one of the regional characteristic agricultural product bases of Shanghai Chongming Ecological Island, but also a comprehensive exhibition area with modern agricultural characteristics integrating sightseeing, accommodation, catering, picking experience and popular science education

Tiger Beach Paradise

Liaoning Dalian AAAA Tourist Attraction. The natural scenery of the park is beautiful, with mountains and seas reflecting each other, and the scenery is charming. It is a large amusement park integrating viewing, entertainment and shopping. It consists of Tiger Beach Park, Underwater World, Bird Whispering Forest and other scenic spots. The natural scenery of the park is beautiful, with mountains and seas reflecting each other, and the scenery is charming. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one side, it is a scenic spot for enjoying the natural scenery of the seaside. There is a tiger beach stone tablet in front of the exquisite double eaves pavilion, and there is a tiger cave under the tablet

Dafeng Port Marine World

Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, AAAA tourist attractions. The first scene interactive experience museum with the theme of ocean in China is composed of Marine Science and Technology Museum, Marine Botanical Museum, Mingyue Lake and other parts. There is an immersive 4D dynamic cinema. The effects of smoke, rain, photoelectricity, bubbles, etc. are carefully designed according to the scenes of the film, so that the audience can feel the shock, fall, wind blowing, water spraying, etc

Shanghai Happy Valley

Shanghai Songjiang AAAA Tourist Attraction. Shanghai Happy Valley is a large theme park suitable for the whole family. It is the largest theme park with the most beautiful scenery and the highest scientific and technological content in Shanghai and even in China. It is dynamic, fashionable, joyful and dreamy. The breathtaking and exciting amusement equipment and various beautiful venues provide all-round convenience for tourism, catering, shopping and play

Shanghai Wildlife Park

Shanghai AAAAA tourist attraction, China's largest national wildlife park, Shanghai Wildlife Park gathers animals from all over the world. You can also watch animal performances such as elephants, giraffes and flamingos. There is also a small animal park popular with children to experience the fun of feeding alpacas

Northeast tigers garden

The AAAA tourist attraction in Harbin, Heilongjiang, has more than 1000 purebred Amur tigers of different ages, which is a real park of thousands of tigers. The exhibition will become a comprehensive forest park integrating protection, scientific research, breeding, tourism and vacation. The park has a good Amur Tiger Forest Park and an eco-tourism foundation, especially in winter and summer

Harbin Polarland

Harbin AAAA Tourist Attraction, the world's first polar performance amusement park, and China's first polar museum with polar animal entertainment as the theme. In addition to polar bears, penguins, rays and other polar animals and marine fish, you can also enjoy the romantic and beautiful story of the world's unique beluga whale and the beautiful trainer

Yudaihu Manor

Shandong Zibo AAA Tourist Attraction, which integrates leisure and entertainment, modern recreation, agricultural sightseeing and catering services. Modern amusement park has more than 30 projects, including roller coaster, rushing forward, bumper car, go kart, off-road vehicle, tracking pursuit, space walk, octopus, whirlwind racing car, laser chariot, etc. The number of amusement facilities ranks the highest in the province

Taihu Lake Paradise

The original name is Taihu Meizhou, which is located in Wuxing District, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is a new tourist resort with mountains and waters as its characteristics. It is the main scenic spot and leisure resort center of South Taihu Lake Tourist Resort. Luxury high-speed boats, large karting yards, modern water world with complete recreational facilities, water villas, and Taihu Lake 1000 meter trestle bridge are all amazing

Green Country Park

Located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, it is a large theme park with the theme of fairy tale village. There are Green Town, Handicraft Street, Dafang Village, Organic Farm, Purple Flower Ranch, Equestrian Club, Parent Child Zoo, Amusement Park, nearly one hundred amusement experience projects, as well as major theme activities to experience the happy village trip at any time.

Sun Asia Ocean World

Dalian, Liaoning AAAA Tourist Attraction, has many strange fish, coral, polar animals in the museum, and combines high technology to imitate the sea bottom and polar environment to make tourists immerse themselves, which is a veritable sea bottom and polar paradise.
There are deep sea experience area and sky screen theater area. After entering the museum, tourists walk along the passageway, as if they are conducting deep sea exploration

Discovery Kingdom Theme Park

Liaoning Dalian AAAA Tourist Attraction is a theme park built around the lake. At present, the largest international amusement theme park in China is one third larger than Hong Kong Disneyland. The park has many large-scale recreational facilities. The most exciting "Crazy Cobra" roller coaster must not be missed. You can also enjoy the wonderful live reality shows, floats parade performances, and fireworks shows at night

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Dalian, Liaoning Province, an AAAAA tourist attraction, covers an area of 1.18 million square meters and has a zigzag coastline of more than 4000 meters. It is a beautiful scenery of the waterfront and a well-known brand of Chinese tourism. Tiger Beach Marine Park displays marine culture, highlights the characteristics of the waterfront, and is a modern marine theme park integrating sightseeing, entertainment, science popularization, shopping and culture

World Sculpture Park

Jilin Changchun AAAAA tourist attractions. The garden gathers 452 pieces (groups) of sculpture works from 402 sculptors from 216 countries and regions. The work shows the cultural characteristics of different countries, nations and different historical periods. It has three exhibition halls: Art Africa, Charm Africa and Black Africa, which show unique African culture with different themes

Changchun Animal and Plant Park

The AAAA tourist attraction in Changchun City, Jilin Province, formerly known as the Tiger Park, was originally built in 1938 as the New Beijing Animal and Botanical Garden. At that time, the area was large and there were many kinds of animals and plants on display. Today's animal and plant park has a beautiful environment. In addition to seeing golden monkeys, giraffes, Asian elephants and other rare animals, there are also amusement parks and miniature Japanese gardens

Changying Century City

Changchun, Jilin is an AAAAA tourist attraction. Changying Century City is a film and television theme park integrating the most advanced special effects films in the world. It is the first film theme park in China that combines the film production industry with tourism. It can be called the Oriental Hollywood. The special effects film is the biggest attraction of Changying Century City, and it is also supported by the special effects of smell, hearing and touch

Ice and snow world

It was a super large ice and snow art boutique project launched by the Harbin Municipal Government to welcome the millennium celebration of the China Century Tour. It depicts magnificent pictures in the artistic language of ice and snow sculpture. World famous ice and snow tourism brand. More than one million tourists, 2000 ice sculptures and more than 30 ice and snow entertainment activities every year make it worthy of the title of the world's largest ice and snow theme amusement park

Fruit Man Theme Park

Dujiangyan City Theme Park, Sichuan, is a fruit themed climbing park with hundreds of playing methods. Adults in all the perfect climbing combination areas can accompany children to play. Fruit Man adopts an open style entrance, and tourists can charge a single fee. Tourists can experience the theme culture and special commodity catering with southwest characteristics. The famous national director Luo Kege joined in to create the theme world of "chivalrous man walking, fruit dressing, fruit hero"

Shijingshan amusement park

The AAAA tourist attraction in Beijing is a small amusement park with a length of about 1km. You can walk after entering. The large modern amusement park, which is mainly characterized by imitating European gardens, has beautiful scenery. Centered on Cinderella Castle in Green's fairy tales, European style castles and girl statues, together form a wonderful world full of fairy tale colors. There are more than 50 large and medium-sized modern amusement projects

Caribbean Water World

Located in Nanning Zoo, it is a water amusement park built by Nanning Zoo. It was expanded at the end of 2010, and reopened in April 2011. The recreation facilities, scenic spots, and public facilities were renovated, adding many highlights. Water World facilities: UFO shuttle, loudspeaker, tsunami (3M high waves). Land facilities: big pendulum, hurricane sports, Shenlong roller coaster, crazy pulley, windmill

Harbin Amusement Park

Harbin AAAA Tourist Attraction, formerly known as Harbin Cultural Park, was built in 1958 and is the largest open-air playground in Heilongjiang Province. You can take the 110 meter high ferris wheel, one of the landmarks of the Ice City, to overlook the scenery of the city, or take the largest suspended roller coaster in the northeast to challenge your courage, and there are various entertainment projects waiting for you

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