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Macao Tourist Tower , located in the lobby area of Macao, with a total cost of MOP 1 billion, (Portuguese: Torre de Macau, English: Macau Tower) has a total height of 338 meters, 1109 feet (56 floors), and covers an area of 13363 square meters. It is the 10th independent sightseeing tower in the world and a member of the World Tower Alliance. It was started in 1998. After three years of construction, it was completed and unveiled on December 19, 2001, and officially received tourists. The working hours of the tower come at a time when the Asian financial crisis has severely impacted the economy of Macao. However, Stanley Ho, a famous industrialist in Macao, has been ahead of schedule, optimistic about the Macao market after the return, and resolutely invested in the construction of this sightseeing tower. In the first phase, a 338 meter high Macao Sightseeing Tower will be built, and in the second phase, an entertainment center will be built. The developer is Macao Tourism and Entertainment Co., Ltd. The lease term of the land granted by the Macao government on July 30, 1998 is 25 years, which can be renewed until December 19, 2049. The commercial use part of the sightseeing tower is 3675 square meters, and the service part is 4370 square meters; The total floor area of the entertainment center is 42188 square meters, of which the second and third floors of the building basement are used as parking lots. The supporting facilities at the bottom of the sightseeing tower include large conferences, exhibitions, entertainment, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, etc. It includes a banquet hall with a capacity of 1200 guests and a theater with 500 seats. Macao invested in the construction of tourist towers Travel? He Hong, General Manager of Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Jiamu under three fires) said at the opening ceremony today that the opening of the tourist tower today is a "special gift" to the second anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland. He said that the completion of the tourism tower has added a new tourism product to Macao, which will attract more tourists to Macao.

Introduction to Macao Tourist Tower
1.5The 7th floor is the famous "air walk", which can walk on the periphery of the tower top, without handrail.
2.58 floor is the main indoor observation platform, which can overlook the panoramic view of Macao. The ground on this floor is made of special glass, which can be viewed through the glass.
3. There is a "180 ° air bar and a pickpocket" on the 9th floor, where you can enjoy the scenery and eat at the same time.
4.60F is the "360 ° revolving restaurant", where you can drink and eat while overlooking the scenery.
5.61st floor is an outdoor sightseeing corridor, where you can also experience thrilling entertainment projects such as "high jump", "bungee jump", "hundred steps to the sky", etc.

Food/specialty/shopping recommendation around Macao Tourism Tower:
Shopping: World Vision, Toys "R" Us, Travelex, Yisha.
Food: "180 ° Sky Bar · Grill Room, 360 ° Rotating Cafeteria, South Lake Moon, Caf é on 4, Music Bean Coffee.

Macao Tourist Tower Scenic Spot : sightseeing, leisure, photography, entertainment, adventure, architecture, photography
Ticket price of Macao Tourist Tower : Admission ticket for the sightseeing floor (including the main sightseeing floor on the 58th floor and the exterior light corridor of the 61st floor): MOP 100 for adults, MOP 50 for seniors (65 years old or above) (free admission for special groups)
Opening Hours of Macao Tourist Tower : Monday to Friday: 10:00-21:00; Weekends and public holidays: 9:00-21:00
Macau Tower scenic spot address Macao Lobby area Lot 1, Area D, Nanwan New Reclamation Area
Phone number of Macao Tourist Tower Scenic Area :+853-28933339
How to get to the Macao Tourist Tower : Bus 12, 17, 23, AP1 or New Benefits 1A, 8, AP1.

 Buffet lunch at 360 revolving restaurant of Macao Tourism Tower
Buffet lunch at 360 revolving restaurant of Macao Tourism Tower

 Ticket of Macao Tourist Tower - bungee jumping
Ticket of Macao Tourist Tower - bungee jumping

 Upright view of Macao Tourism Tower
Upright view of Macao Tourism Tower

 Macau Tower
Macau Tower

 Tourism Scenery of Macao Tower
Tourism Scenery of Macao Tower

Tourist evaluation [Macao Tower] tourist attractions
@Chi Xiaomao Women's Clothing: As a landmark building in Macao, the Macao Tower is worth paying for a visit. You can see the panorama of the whole Macao, whether it is the island, Taipa, or even Zhuhai nearby. At the same time, you can directly experience the bungee jumping of the warriors, which is super exciting!
@Shandong development and co construction: many cities have landmark towers, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, the Oriental Pearl in Shanghai, and the Xiaomanyao in Guangzhou. The landmark of Macao is the Macao Tower. Just at the seaside, you can see it from a distance between two sea crossing bridges. The Stupid Pig Jump is the most famous game in Macao Tower. The tower mentioned just now can't jump down. But I didn't go, and I dare not go, but the price is not cheap@ What I said about going back and forth to South Africa: The Paris Tower in Macao is a good place, a good place and a good environment. There are many tourists coming and going. The surrounding environment is good, and there are many places to play. There are also Jinsha City and Venice Shopping Center nearby. It is recommended that you go here when you have time to play @ Can you find the ladder: you can see the panorama of Macao in the Macao Tower. At about 4:00 p.m., you can take a look and take photos first. Then at 6:30, you can have a buffet. The food is quite rich. Personally, I think it's worth recommending, because Macao's consumption is relatively high, and this place with food and scenic spots, 500 yuan per person, should be good.

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