East-west rock

Zhejiang Lishui AAAA Tourist Attraction. Dongxiyan Scenic Area is named for the confrontation between the east and west giant stones. The whole scenic area is a typical Danxia landform, exquisite and clear, with small, beautiful, rich and complete scenery. All scenic spots are naturally formed from sedimentary rocks, with different shapes, integrating weirdness, greatness, strangeness and danger. Dangerous peaks, cliffs and domes rise in the scenic spot

Three Gorges Family

The AAAAAA tourist attractions in Yichang, Hubei, and the Three Gorges People's Scenic Spot are the first large-scale primitive, scene based, and experiential folk tourism areas in China. The natural scenery is famous for its sharp bays, strange rocks, secluded valleys, unique caves, and sweet springs. Through the combination of boat tour and walking, you can enjoy the original natural scenery of the Three Gorges in an all-round and multi angle way, as well as colorful folk performances

Yang Liuqing Museum

Tianjin Xiqing District AAAA tourist attractions. A residential complex in the late Qing Dynasty known as the first house in North China. It is the old house of Shi Yuanshi, one of the eight famous families in Jinmen in the Qing Dynasty, with a building area of more than 2900 square meters. The Shijia Courtyard, which has been opened as the Yangliuqing Museum, collects a large number of famous Yangliuqing wood engraving New Year pictures from all ages

Ancient Ecological Park

Located in the center of Urumqi New City, Xinjiang, the park has collected and protected a large number of precious ancient ecological resources, such as silicified wood, black iron meteorite, Proctor's Mustang, and has become a unique cultural tourism theme scenic spot in China. The five major theme landscapes of China's largest sweat BMW base, Jurassic silicified wood group, meteorite group, Guhu - and Yema Art Museum are intensively displayed here

Urumqi Botanical Garden

Xinjiang Urumqi AAA tourist attractions. Urumqi Botanical Garden is a comprehensive botanical garden integrating scientific research, science popularization, science education, sightseeing and other functions. The completed community has 9 special gardens, including perennial flower area, medicinal plant area and desert plant area. It has been rated as a national 3A scenic spot and Urumqi Youth Science Popularization Education Base

Yugu Cave

Baoding, Hebei AAAA tourist attractions. Yugu Cave is a scenic spot with strange springs and grotesque caves as the main body. On the east bank of Xiaoxi River, 2km away from Zishikou Village, there is a spring, also called Yugu Dongquan. The spring water is clear and continuous, with an average length of 0.42m3/s. The Yugu Cave is about 1800 meters long, divided into five layers, each with a unique landscape. There are holes in the cave, and the caves are connected

Baili Gorge

Laishui, Baoding, Hebei, is an AAAAA tourist attraction. It is the most important scenic spot in Yesanpo Scenic Area. Baili Gorge Scenic Area is dominated by long, narrow and deep canyons. You can watch the spectacular steep canyons, streams, waterfalls, etc. In summer, the scenic spot is very cool, which is also a good place for summer travel

Shenlong Water World

Guangxi Guilin Yanshan District AAAA tourist attractions, Guilin Shenlong Water World Scenic Spot is an important part of the Lijiang River East Bank tourist line. The scenic spot is a leisure resort featuring water culture and ancient dragon culture with beautiful scenery, lush vegetation and fresh air. In the water conservancy culture exhibition area, you can see the display of original water conservancy tools such as water mill, water hammer, water wheel, etc

White God City

Chongqing Fengjie AAAA Tourist Attraction. Li Bai's poem, "Farewell to the White Emperor in the morning, and a thousand miles of Jiangling will return in a day. The apes on both sides cannot stop crowing, and the boat has passed over the mountains", describes this place. It is close to the mountain on one side, surrounded by water on three sides, backed by the High Gorge, and facing the Yangtze River in front. It is very magnificent and magnificent. It is a famous tourist attraction on the Three Gorges tourism line for a long time. Distribution of Baidi City scenic spots: Mingliang Hall, Baidi Temple, Tuogu Hall, Wuhou Temple

Niutoushan National Forest Park

Zhejiang Wuyi AAAA Tourist Attraction. Niutou Mountain Park is the area with the most well preserved natural forest vegetation and the richest resources in Zhejiang Province. The natural forest rarely visited by people, the interesting strange trees, the beautiful streams, waterfalls and pools, and the spotless environment in the park form a beautiful picture scroll full of interest. Cliffs, cliffs, and dangerous ravines are intricate and spectacular


The scenic spot is located in Huaishu Township, Suiping County, Henan Province, with an area of about 20 square kilometers. The scenic spot is deep and quiet, with mountains, mountains, valleys, water, and natural beauty. There are Longtian Mountain, Jiulong Mountain, Feishi Mountain, Maotou Mountain, Jinding Mountain, etc. Longtiangou Natural Scenic Spot not only has pleasant scenery, but also has a long history. The places of interest and myths and legends are even more fascinating

Multicolored ambush

Guilin, Guangxi, is an AAAA tourist attraction. Guilin Diecai Mountain is known as the place where rivers and mountains meet. It is a tourist attraction developed by Yuan Hui, a scholar and an observer of the Guiguan in the Tang Dynasty. There are many scenic spots and cultural relics such as Huanzhu Cave, Thousand Buddha Cave, Thousand Man Pot and Big Iron Bell. There are many beautiful sceneries in the mountain, which are easy to climb. It is a popular tourist destination in Guilin

Pokfulam Country Park

A country park located in the west of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The park is surrounded by the flag pulling mountain. The top of the mountain is an urbanized residential area and tourist attraction. In addition to the water pond and Laqi Mountain, the country park also includes the West High Mountain and Qili Mountain. At the same time, it is the starting point of the first section of the Hong Kong Island Trail. Walking along Xiali Road, you can have a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour

Haishi Park

Chongqing Shapingba AAA Tourist Attraction. It is the second lung lobe in Chongqing except Nanshan. Haihua Stone and European style classical castles are very shocking during their intermingling. Haishi Park is now a good place for Chongqing people to relax or have a picnic on weekends and take a walk at ordinary times. The unique Kashgar landform of Sea Stone Park makes it have a variety of lifelike sea flower stones

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Youciqikou Historical Street, an AAAA tourist attraction in Shapingba, Chongqing. Porcelain Mouth was named after Emperor Huidi of the Ming Dynasty who took refuge here. Many celebrities such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Jiang Jieshi, Feng Yuxiang, Luo Jialun stayed here. At the busy land and water wharf in those days, they stepped on the Qingshiban Road, tasted local delicacies and snacks, and found a teahouse to sit down and experience the customs of old Chongqing. Because it is very close to the urban area, today's ancient town is also a good place for citizens to enjoy leisure and entertainment

Ruihua Orchard

Shanghai Chongming AAA Tourist Attraction has the largest rose themed park in the suburbs of Shanghai, and a modern eco-tourism sightseeing center integrating modern ecological forest fruit demonstration, fruit brand production, leisure, vacation, experience, sightseeing, and popular science education. It is not only one of the regional characteristic agricultural product bases of Shanghai Chongming Ecological Island, but also a comprehensive exhibition area with modern agricultural characteristics integrating sightseeing, accommodation, catering, picking experience and popular science education

Zhangyan Park

The tourist attraction is located in Jinshan District, Shanghai. It is the only classical garden style park in Shanghai that has survived several changes during the Yuan Dynasty. It is said that Hairui enjoyed flowers and read books in this garden when he was young, which became a good talk. With a total area of 41 mu, the overall layout of the park is characterized by towering trees, connected paths and pavilions, and secluded and quiet

Dongping National Forest Park

Shanghai Chongming AAAA Tourist Attraction. It is the largest man-made plain forest in East China, and has been rated as one of the top ten tourist attractions in Shanghai and a famous tourist resort in Shanghai. The total area of the forest area is 5400 mu, with Dutch windmills, rock climbing, Damenggang, sunshine baths, beach baths, paintball shooting, sliding rope, golf, horse riding range, and karting sightseeing facilities

Yangqu Dawang Temple

Located in Yangqu County, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, the Dawang Temple was built in the third year of Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty (1467), with a building area of 225 square meters. The entire temple now has only one main hall, three rooms wide, six rafters deep, square plane, single eaves resting on the top of the mountain, which is simple and beautiful. In the palace of the King's Temple, there are dragons and phoenixes, and the walls are covered with ink. The landscape characters are lifelike, and the clay statues are elegant

Tiger Beach Paradise

Liaoning Dalian AAAA Tourist Attraction. The natural scenery of the park is beautiful, with mountains and seas reflecting each other, and the scenery is charming. It is a large amusement park integrating viewing, entertainment and shopping. It consists of Tiger Beach Park, Underwater World, Bird Whispering Forest and other scenic spots. The natural scenery of the park is beautiful, with mountains and seas reflecting each other, and the scenery is charming. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one side, it is a scenic spot for enjoying the natural scenery of the seaside. There is a tiger beach stone tablet in front of the exquisite double eaves pavilion, and there is a tiger cave under the tablet

Zhongshan Film and Television City

The tourist attractions in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, are surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is a new theme cultural tourist attraction integrating tourism, patriotism education and film and television shooting. Following the revolutionary footprint of Dr. Sun Yat sen, we have built five sections, namely, China, Japan, Britain, the United States and the exhibition hall, to condense the memorial sites of his revolutionary activities around the world, which is very instructive and memorable

former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen

Guangdong Zhongshan AAAA Tourist Attraction. Sun Yat sen's Former Residence is the most famous scenic spot in Zhongshan City. It is a museum developed with Sun Yat sen's Former Residence as the main body, and Sun Yat sen's Former Residence in Cuiheng Village as the main body, including Sun Yat sen's Former Residence, Exhibition of Sun Yat sen's Life Stories, Exhibition of Cuiheng Folk Houses and other memorial exhibitions. Four bold golden characters outside the scenic spot, "The world is for the public", deeply shocked tourists

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