Dingshan Lake

Chongqing Qijiang AAA Tourist Attraction. It is a mountain lake scenic tourist area integrating human landscape and natural landscape. Dingshan Lake is 899 meters above sea level and covers an area of 4.6 million square meters. With a cool climate in summer, it is a good place for summer recreation and returning to nature. It is known as the first lake in Chongqing and Guizhou. The infrastructure in the tourist area is perfect, and hotels, villas and villas are very rich in Chongqing Guizhou border

Alashan Ant Forest

Originally located in Jilantai Town, Alxa, Inner Mongolia, the three deserts of Badain Jilin, Tengger and Ulanbuh stretch across the whole territory from west to east, covering an area of about 97000 square kilometers. At present, ant forest reserves have been added: Chifeng City, Tongliao City, Ordos City and other areas. Ant Forest is a public welfare project launched by Ant Financial Services at the end of August 2016

Tengger Desert Wetland

Ningxia Zhongwei AAAA Tourist Attraction. Zhongwei Tengger Desert Wetland Tourist Attraction has won the title of 2014 China's Beautiful Pastoral Garden, 2014 China's Most Beautiful Leisure Village, China's Drunken Desert Garden, and is the most dazzling pearl in China's desert wetland garden style love theme scenic spot. There are five flower viewing parks, including lavender theme park, rose garden, chrysanthemum garden, and lotus garden

Taichung Confucius Temple

Located in Taichung tourist attractions, Taiwan. The two buildings are built adjacent to each other, both of which are Chinese style buildings with solemn momentum, which is rare in other parts of the province. The total land area of the Confucius Temple is 23653.20 square meters, and the total building area is 2363.88 square meters. The entrance of the Confucius Temple is on Shuangshi Road, and there are two arches at the intersection

Hengdian Qingming River Map

Dongyang City, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, is an AAAAA tourist attraction. It is the largest film and television shooting base in the world and the only national film and television industry experimental zone in China. It is called China Hollywood by Hollywood magazine in the United States and the most attractive new landscape of Hengdian Film and Television City. Many popular film and television works, such as Ancient Sword, Xiao Li Throwing Knife, and Two Proud Men, were filmed here

Dafeng Port Marine World

Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, AAAA tourist attractions. The first scene interactive experience museum with the theme of ocean in China is composed of Marine Science and Technology Museum, Marine Botanical Museum, Mingyue Lake and other parts. There is an immersive 4D dynamic cinema. The effects of smoke, rain, photoelectricity, bubbles, etc. are carefully designed according to the scenes of the film, so that the audience can feel the shock, fall, wind blowing, water spraying, etc

Chinese Milu Park

Jiangsu Yancheng AAAAA Tourist Attraction. Dafeng Milu National Nature Reserve, namely China Milu Park, covers an area of - 78000 hectares, which is the largest Milu Nature Reserve in the world. Its landform consists of forest land, reed marsh, marshland, marshland, and salt marshland. The main wetland types include mudflat, seasonal river, and some artificial wetlands, as well as a large number of forest land, reed marshland, marshland, salt marshland, and forest marshland

Mulan Mountain

Hubei Wuhan AAAAA Tourist Attraction. Mulan Mountain is the back garden of Wuhan. It is named after General Mulan and is the hometown of General Mulan. It is said that Mulan practiced martial arts here when he was young. Mulan Mountain is also a famous revolutionary resort. Wu Guanghao founded the Seventh Army of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Revolutionary Army here. Li Xiannian, Chen Shaomin and other comrades have carried out a long-term revolutionary struggle in Mulan Mountain

Panlong River Rafting

It is located in Huangshapu Town, Tongshan, Hubei Province. Panlong Stream has beautiful scenery, surrounded by mountains, with jade like water, green mountains and towering ancient trees. It is known as a natural oxygen bar because it exhibits the beautiful scenery and magic charm of nature. The cliffs on both sides of Panlong River are standing, and the current is fast. You will experience the excitement and fun of drifting here

Jiugong Mountain Silver River Valley Rafting

Located in Jiugong Mountain, Tongshan, Hubei Province, it is the only drifting river in Hubei Province that takes the bamboo forest landscape as the panorama. The whole drifting process is 9 kilometers, making the net fall of the river reach 138 meters, of which the longest water slide is 40 meters. In addition to enjoying the excitement and cool brought by drifting in the Galaxy Valley, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jiugong Mountain Scenic Area, which is one of the six national scenic spots in Hubei Province

Gujian Mountain

Chongqing Qijiang District AAAA tourist attractions. With an area of about 100 square kilometers, Gujian Mountain Scenic Area is China Forest Health City and National Geological Heritage Park. There are rare Danxia landform, high mountains and canyons in the scenic spot; A variety of national protected animals and primitive ancient trees; Thousands of years old Jingyin Temple, Painter Village, Leigu Stone and other natural and cultural landscapes

Shanghai Happy Valley

Shanghai Songjiang AAAA Tourist Attraction. Shanghai Happy Valley is a large theme park suitable for the whole family. It is the largest theme park with the most beautiful scenery and the highest scientific and technological content in Shanghai and even in China. It is dynamic, fashionable, joyful and dreamy. The breathtaking and exciting amusement equipment and various beautiful venues provide all-round convenience for tourism, catering, shopping and play

Wansheng Stone Forest

Chongqing Wansheng AAAA Tourist Attraction. It is the oldest stone forest found in China at present, consisting of Xianglu Mountain, Luhua Lake, Lovers Spring, Yixiantian, Shiguping, Thousand Pagoda Forest, Tianmen Cave, and more than 100 scenic spots such as Tianmen Cave, Shennv Peak, Xianglu Mountain, Giant Fan Stone, Ground Seam Yixiantian, Fossils, Stone Drum, General Stone, etc

Suiling Forestry Bureau Ecological Culture Tourist Attraction

The creation of the AAAA tourist attraction in Suihua, Heilongjiang, and the ecological and cultural tourist attraction of Suiling Forestry Bureau not only relies on the unique natural advantages of Suiling Forest District, but also reflects the harmonious unity of human and nature at the foot of the Little Xing'an Mountains, and is branded with a unique symbol of forest industry. When you come here, you can leave the busy and impetuous fast-paced life for a while and enter the elegant and quiet, idyllic forest city

Fruit Man Theme Park

Dujiangyan City Theme Park, Sichuan, is a fruit themed climbing park with hundreds of playing methods. Adults in all the perfect climbing combination areas can accompany children to play. Fruit Man adopts an open style entrance, and tourists can charge a single fee. Tourists can experience the theme culture and special commodity catering with southwest characteristics. The famous national director Luo Kege joined in to create the theme world of "chivalrous man walking, fruit dressing, fruit hero"

Mazui European style town

Shaanxi Tongchuan AAA Tourist Attraction, Mazui European Style Town is a new rural tourist attraction integrating pastoral city, parent-child experience, wedding photography, graffiti culture and 8D cinema. It is permeated with European customs and romantic atmosphere everywhere, which can be regarded as a model of perfect integration of modern Chinese countryside and graffiti. It is second to none in the vast loess plateau. When people walk in the town, the colorful pictures, the fragrant flowers, the pure ecology, and the romantic buildings make every visitor nostalgic

Zhu Zaiyu Memorial Hall

Henan Qinyang AA Tourist Attraction. The quadrangle built for the Ming and Qing dynasties was the former site of the Zheng Fan Yuefu in the Ming Dynasty. It was once part of the Zheng Fan Yuefu where Zhu Zaiyu lived. There are four exhibition rooms in the museum. In the form of combining literature, pictures, objects and sculptures, it focuses on Zhu Zaiyu's family background, life, academic achievements and influence at home and abroad

Five Avenue Scenic Spot

As an AAAA tourist attraction in Heping District, Tianjin, the Fifth Avenue is not an official place name, but actually the Sixth Avenue, namely, Chengdu Avenue, Chongqing Avenue, Changde Avenue, Dali Avenue, Munan Avenue and Machang Avenue, which later became a popular name. Because it was once a British concession, the buildings with various styles and features left over by many countries have become the brightest scenery. There are 300 small western-style buildings, with a history behind them, and more surprises

Limutai Scenic Spot

Tianjin Jixian AAAA Tourist Attraction, Limutai Scenic Area is famous for its beautiful terrain, fresh water flow, lush trees and other natural scenery. It is the only living water scenery resource in Jixian County, and is known by experts and scholars as Tianjin's Shennongjia and the tropical rainforest in the north. The scenic spot is divided into several areas, such as comprehensive service area, Hanwai Garden, Lover's Valley, Lihuatai, ecological culture education base, Qifuding North Qi Ancient Great Wall Site, with rock painting ridge, climbing seam

Qingtongxia Grand Canyon

Ningxia Wuzhong AAAA Tourist Attraction, a national AAAA scenic spot, is a scenic spot of the Yellow River valley composed of limestone and sand shale. It is the last gorge in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. The gorge is high and deep, with cliffs on both sides. It is said that Dayu came here to control the flood and cut the mountain into a gorge. The Yellow River water poured down for thousands of miles. At this time, the sun was setting

Yinchuan Senmiao Ecological Tourism Zone

Located in Yinchuan Botanical Garden, Senmiao Ecological Tourism Area, a tourist attraction in Yinchuan, Ningxia, is a comprehensive ecological tourism area integrating ecological tourism, leisure vacation, modern agricultural sightseeing, conference training, young people's plant science popularization, and outward bound training. Natural landscapes such as lawn, gardening and waterscape in the tourist area make people feel comfortable and relaxed

Fushui Lake

Located in Tongshan County, Hubei Province, with a total reservoir capacity of 1.764 billion cubic meters, it is a famous lake and wetland in Hubei Province, focusing on flood control and power generation. It is the fourth artificial lake in Hubei Province. The scenic area has vast waters and abundant animal and plant resources. There are many beautiful scenic spots in the scenic area, such as Yinshui Cave, Dafan Nuclear Power Station, Shiziya, Niubikong, Wuzhishan, Lianhuatan, etc

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