Tibet Museum

Tibet AAAA Tourist Attraction, the first museum with modern functions in Tibet. The Tibet Museum has a collection of all kinds of prehistoric cultural relics, statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva in various textures and shapes, Tibetan classics dipped in gold, silver, coral powder and other hand written books, colorful Thangka paintings, various musical instruments, magic tools, handicrafts with distinctive national characteristics, and pottery with distinctive styles

The Tanggula mountains

Located in Naqu, Tibet, it means mountains on the plateau in Tibetan, also called Dangla Mountain or Dangla Ridge, which is the watershed of the Yangtze River and Nujiang River. It is one of the mountains with the largest internal height and specific height of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. You can also see the mysterious four scenes of the day. There are also herdsmen who provide horse photos, sell snow lotus, butter tea, tents and teahouses

Tashilhunpo Temple

Xigaze, Tibet, an AAAA tourist attraction, is one of the six major monasteries of the Gelug Sect (the other five are: Gandan Temple, Drepung Temple, Sera Temple, Ta'er Temple, and Labrang Temple), and is also the largest monastery of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in Houzang, which took 12 years to complete. The most magnificent building in the temple is the Great Maitreya Hall, which is called Qiangbakang in Tibetan. The Buddha Hall has five floors, and the middle is dedicated to the 1914 gilded bronze Qiangba Buddha

Yangzhuoyongcuo Lake

Located in the south of the Tibetan Mountains, the Yanghu Lake for short is the largest inland lake at the northern foot of the Himalayas. With beautiful lakes and mountains, it is called the three holy lakes in Tibet. There are more than 10 islands distributed in the lake. The large islands can accommodate five or six families, while the small ones only cover more than 100 square meters. There are many swans, water pigeons, yellow ducks, osprey and spotted geese. Yang Zhuoyongcuo's far view is much more beautiful than the close touch


China (Lhasa, Tibet) is an AAAA level tourist attraction with a beautiful environment in Luobulinka and a paradise in Lhasa. The buildings are beautifully maintained, with Gesang Pozhang, Golden Pozhang and Dadeng Mingjiu Pozhang as the main parts. The largest garden with the best scenery and the most historic sites in the garden. In the 1840s, Loblinka was a wasteland. The minister stationed in Tibet of the Qing Dynasty built a Bird Yao Po Zhang

Mount Qomolangma

The national (Tibet) AAAA level tourist attraction, the world's highest peak, the main peak of the world's largest mountain system Himalayas, also translated as the Notre Dame Peak, which means the Third Goddess. The top of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round, with a height of 8847.43 meters. The top of the mountain is covered with ice and snow all the year round. The terrain is steep and high. Snow mountains and glaciers rise up from the top. It is a popular hiking place for hikers. April June and September October are the best travel times


Located in Ali region, the world recognized king of the holy mountain, known as the world center in Buddhism, was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983 and opened to India, Nepal and other religious countries. The most difficult road in the world is also the most sacred road in the world. This is the turning road around the holy mountain. Believers and tourists who come to the mountain for pilgrimage usually stay in Tachin at the foot of the holy mountain first, which is the starting point and end point of the mountain turning

Lake Manasarovar

The mother of the world's rivers is the inland freshwater lake. In 1983, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was opened to India, Nepal and other religious countries, and located in Ali region. This is a sapphire like holy lake, and the lake water is shining with charming colors in the light of the sun. The water of Mapanyongcuo Lake is melted from the water and snow of Gangdise Mountain. The lake is extremely clear and the nearest to the holy mountain. It is an important tourist distribution center

Jokhang Temple

Also known as Zulakang, a national (Lhasa City) 4A tourist attraction, Jokhang Temple is the sacred center of Tibetan Buddhist believers and the destination of Tibetan Buddhist believers' pilgrimage. It has an extremely lofty and holy position in the history of Tibetan Buddhism. Jokhang Temple has been built for more than three years, and its full name is "Reza Gaxi Chi Bao Zu La Kang", which means the magic scripture hall built by goats carrying earth


Tibetan means Tianhu Lake, a national (Tibet) 4A tourist attraction. It is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet (the other two are Mampanyong Co and Yangzhuo Yong Co). Namco, with an area of 1920 square kilometers, is the second largest salt water lake in China except Qinghai Lake. The scenic spot is rich in plant resources, including rhododendron bush, caragana bush, golden dewberry bush, and glacier vegetation types. There are often wild sheep, lynx, bears, etc

Potala Palace

Potala Palace is a world cultural heritage, a national 5A tourist attraction, and a national key cultural relics protection unit. Overlapping buildings, it is a grand building integrating palaces, castles, mausoleum towers and temples. Founded at the beginning of the 7th century, it has been the result of continuous expansion by successive Dalai Lamas since the 17th century

Sichuan Tibet Line of National Highway 318 - Ride with Dream

National Highway 318 is praised by China National Geography as the landscape avenue of Chinese people. It is the most desirable road in the world. For everyone who likes to travel and explore, it is a road that must be taken in life. Shuranwu to Linzhi is recognized as the most beautiful and dangerous section

Basongcuo Linzhi Scenic Area

The main scenic spots in the scenic spot include Basong Sanyan, Basong Lake, Zhaxi Island and Qiuzi Cave. Basongcuo Resort has been built near the scenic spot, with 6 villas. The architectural features and interior decoration reflect the perfect combination of modern and traditional ethnic styles

Xiuba Millennium Castle

Xiuba Millennium Castle Scenic Spot is also called Rongbao. There are five ancient castles with different heights, which have the spirit of high and evil. The castles are 30-50 meters apart. These castles are made of rubble and wood

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