Attractions worth visiting in Liaoning - the first island in China

Liaoning has many local attractions, and different islands have their own unique characteristics and charm. Liaoning's characteristic scenic spots are worth visiting. The natural environment is charming, and the characteristic scenic spots have profound historical and cultural connotations. Today, I recommend a scenic spot worth visiting in Liaoning. The rocks around the island are uneven and lifelike. It is the first island in China's ten thousand mile sea area


What to pay attention to during 2022 Spring Festival holiday

We still need to do a good job of protection. If you want to travel during the Spring Festival, you must remember to wear masks, disposable disinfectant wipes and health rules when you go out. If you want to take the bus, you need to do 48 hours of nucleic acid testing


Precautions for Tibet tourism in summer

The average altitude of Tibet is more than 4000 meters, and the partial pressure of oxygen is also low, which is easy to lead to human hypoxia. If the preventive measures are not appropriate, it can cause altitude maladjustment. A group of diseases including acute altitude reaction, altitude pulmonary edema, altitude coma, chronic altitude reaction, altitude heart, altitude hypertension, altitude hypotension, altitude polycythemia, etc


Travel - What are the necessary medicines and necessities for traveling

Traveling has become a way of life for relaxation. It is very important to prepare medicine for traveling. Factors such as travel fatigue or acclimatization sometimes lead to physical discomfort, which greatly reduces the originally pleasant travel interest. It is recommended to prepare small drugs before departure, such as salt, external medicine, vitamins, sleeping drugs, etc


What are the health knowledge of winter ice and snow tourism

Frostbite in ice and snow camping: Frostbite generally occurs when the temperature drops to minus 1 ℃. The first part of the body prone to frostbite is exposed skin on the body surface, such as hands, nose, ears, face, etc. Snow blindness in alpine skiing: snow blindness refers to the temporary loss of vision caused by the human eye being in the environment where the sun light intensity is too high and too concentrated for a long time, and is reflected by the ground ice and snow or by the ice crystals in the clouds


Things to pay attention to when traveling in autumn

In the season of hiking, the feeling of disappointment in autumn is easy to arouse people's heartstrings and make people have the impulse to put down everything and run to the distance. The sky is high and the clouds are clear, and the red leaves are beautiful. In addition to carefully choosing travel agencies, signing contracts and buying insurance, what else should we pay attention to when traveling in autumn


What should diabetics pay attention to when traveling

Patients with acute complications of diabetes, including ketoacidosis, non ketotic hyperosmolar coma, hypoglycemic reaction, etc. Diabetic patients travel outdoors for outdoor activities, which is of great benefit to diabetic patients to enhance physical strength, especially cardiopulmonary function, improve glucose and lipid metabolism, and prevent complications. But diabetes patients should pay attention to the following points when traveling


What are the weapons and equipment for first-aid in field tourism?

Many people lack some common sense of field survival when traveling, resulting in some unnecessary losses. When traveling or exploring in the field, from the perspective of special forces, popularize several field survival skills and commonly used equipment to help people reduce unnecessary trouble during travel


Where to travel during the May Day holiday?

Where to go during the May Day holiday is a question for many young friends. Some people choose to travel around the country and some travel outside the province. Here are some tourist attractions suitable for the 51 day holiday in China (May Day, holidays, where to go during the holiday, tourism recommendations)


Precautions and experience of clothing, food, housing and transportation in Qinghai Tibet tourism

With the opening of the whole Qinghai Tibet Railway, a plateau tourism boom has emerged quietly. According to the theory of plateau medicine and the experience accumulated by plateau tourists over the years, the relevant people remind the vast number of plateau tourists to remember the four major precautions and enjoy the plateau easily


How many tourist attractions have you been to?

Diaoyin was officially launched in September 2016, and its users were mostly young men and women. Soon after the launch of the APP, it was fascinated and popular by the vast number of netizens. It was not only handsome men and women who played the music tape fire, but also people who played the music tape fire. It was not only the method of fishing in the sea, but also tourist attractions around the world. It was a city, just like Xi'an and Chongqing, that was full of people who played the music tape fire


What should I prepare for a self guided tour abroad?

Self help travel is the choice of many people. It has no restrictions on group travel and can also be customized according to their own needs. If you want to sleep in a hotel for a day or go out for a riot, it's up to you. There are not many things to take with you in domestic self-help tours. You can buy them everywhere. But what about going abroad? Many people are a little overwhelmed at first


Advantages and disadvantages of self-service tourism, group tourism and self driving tourism

When you travel, you should take the necessary items with you. You are more free. You can decide where you want to go and where you want to rest/how long you want to rest. For self-help travel, you can eat, live, shop, and entertain. Everything is up to you. Not familiar with the local conditions often leads to waiting and taking the wrong bus, which is not suitable for cross regional travel. The advantages and disadvantages of group travel and self driving travel are


Food Problems and Precautions in Tourism

When traveling, three meals a day are indispensable. For tourists, it is a feast for the eyes to visit the mountains and rivers, and also to adapt to the local food. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When you go to Hunan and Sichuan, you can mainly taste spicy food. When you go to Xinjiang, you can taste mutton. More and more people are traveling. In addition to personal safety, you should also pay attention to food safety when traveling. If there is no suitable dining place, you can also prepare some healthy snacks to relieve hunger


How to prevent skin diseases in hotels

According to news reports, many famous hotel attendants even use bath towels to clean the toilet and floor, which is shocking. We should pay attention to the following aspects when we stay in the hotel in the future to prevent skin diseases. Some skin diseases, such as scabies, tinea corporis, tinea manus and pedis, eczema, dermatitis, venereal diseases, etc., are very easy to spread through residential hotels


Why do you need to find your own hotel when traveling?

It will save money to find your own hotel or hotel! Because when traveling, if you take a taxi or ask someone to stay in a hotel, they all have rebates. In some areas, intermediary workers usually get 50% rebates of accommodation fees. If the accommodation fees are 200 yuan, the rebates are generally 80-100 yuan. Because you have to pay rebates to the intermediary, the accommodation fees will be very high


What are the scenic spots in Wuhan?

Nine major tourist attractions in Wuhan: Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan University · China's Most Beautiful University, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area, World City Optics Valley Pedestrian Street, Wuhan Mulan Tianchi, Chu River Han Street Star River, Van Gogh Star Art Museum, Wuhan Business District. In Wuhan, if only one couple is in Hankou and the other is in Wuchang, then it is a long-distance love


Precautions for Hong Kong Hotel

When staying in Hong Kong hotels, the price has to be considered. Compared with other prices, the accommodation fees in Hong Kong hotels are somewhat high, and all prices are subject to 10% service charge and 3% government tax. Generally speaking, accommodation accounts for the majority of the cost of traveling to Hong Kong. Most high-end hotels in Hong Kong are located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Causeway Bay, with luxurious facilities


The longest cross sea bridge in the world is the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

Immersed pipes are used for underwater unmanned docking at depths ranging from 13m to 48m below sea level, and the docking error is controlled within 2cm. The deepest submarine tunnel of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is 48 meters below the sea floor, while the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world is rarely more than 45 meters at present. With 360 ° boundless sea view, several viewing platforms are set on the bridge to view the sea, islands, blue sky and white clouds from the bridge


Ah! Can't eat fish when traveling?

Fish is a kind of food with high protein and low fat, which is good for fat reduction and shaping. Japanese sports nutritionists believe that eating fish after exercise is easier to fatigue. When traveling outside, the physical strength is overdrawn. It is not suitable to eat chicken, fish or eggs. It is recommended to eat vegetables, fruits, seaweed, milk, etc


What should I pay attention to when sleeping when traveling

Sleeping is a very common thing for everyone, but not all the things that need to be noticed when traveling. Here are some tips for sleeping in tourism. With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to health care. Health care should start from sleep


What should be paid attention to when traveling to Russia and Moscow

Self supplies: The hotel is European custom, and does not provide slippers, toothbrushes, soap and other toiletries. Guests need to bring their own. The hotel does not provide boiled water, and the guests have their own electric water heaters. The power plug is a cylindrical double plug with a voltage of 220V. Please provide it by yourself. Climate and clothes: The travel season is summer, and the average temperature is 20-25 degrees. The highest temperature is about 30 ℃, and it is cooler in the morning and evening. Therefore, clothing should be carried in summer and spring and autumn


What should be paid attention to when taking children on a trip

It is not difficult to travel with your child, which can bring him a rich and broad world, and he will also make you look at the world with your child's eyes again, beautiful and full of warmth. What knowledge and key points should you pay attention to while enjoying the happiness with ta


Safety precautions for girls traveling alone

Local security during the day and at night may vary greatly. Places with good security during the day may change at night. Avoid taking the train late at night. In some places, the railway station at night is often a place for drunken people to stay. When taking the subway at night, you should try to avoid going to the last carriage, so that lawless people can take advantage of it


Women travel with small things to make travel more convenient

Why do women always take bags when they go out? In addition to the concave shape, the backpack is to carry some necessary things! So, the question is, what is in a woman's bag? Is there anything you can't think of

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