What are the weapons and equipment for first-aid in field tourism?

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Many people lack some common sense of field survival when traveling, resulting in some unnecessary losses. When traveling or exploring in the field, from the perspective of special forces, popularize several field survival skills and commonly used equipment to help people reduce unnecessary trouble during travel.

   box An aluminum or stainless steel lunch box (preferably with a handle). The lunch box itself can be used to heat, carry water or melt snow. At the same time, the metal cover of the lunch box can be used as a reflector to send out a distress signal at a critical moment.

   Tool knife It is absolutely necessary to equip a multi-functional tool knife in the field. In addition to the integration of conventional knives, drivers, scissors, there are saws, screwdrivers, files, and even a magnifying glass!

   Sewing kit No matter in the era of the Long March of the Red Army or in the modern army, sewing bags have always been a necessity for the army in the field. The needle can not only prick, but also bend into a hook in some cases to improve food and even save lives (of course, your sewing bag must be equipped with at least two fishing lines).

   Matches/lighters Fires in the wild are almost everything. It is important to bring a windproof and waterproof match/lighter.

   candle A bar of candle is absolutely useful in the wild. The modern lighting devices, such as flashlights and headlights, become decorations with the depletion of batteries. At this time, the candle shows its "heroic nature". In addition to lighting, candles can also be used for heating (but don't treat fingers as potatoes to be baked) and lighting fires.

   Survival Sentry The role of whistles in the wild is not just black whistles on the court. Now it can save lives. When in danger, whistle can be used to attract rescue, or scare away some small wild animals (but if it is tigers, bears and other beasts, silent is the best choice).

   Aluminium film This is a 2x2m aluminum plated film, available in gold and silver. It can not only be windproof and rainproof, but also be put up to form a arbor to prevent direct sunlight. In cold areas, you can wrap yourself with it to keep your body temperature. The biggest function of the aluminum film is to reflect light, so that rescue workers can find you in time. It can also be spread on the ground and used as a mat.

Secondly, outdoor equipment can also be selected (according to their own conditions and seasonal conditions): tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads or air cushions, climbing ropes, rock nails, safety belts, risers, descent devices, large and small locks, rope covers, ice axes, rock hammers, small ice axes, ice claws, snow sticks, helmets, snow boards, alpine glasses, down jackets, windproof pants, wool pants, gloves Alpine boots, socks, cold hats, ice cones, snow cones, cookware, stoves, multi-function kettles, straws or water purification cups, compass, binoculars, contour maps or other materials, waterproof lamps, various knives, mountaineering watches, skin windbreakers, quick drying clothes, water bags, waterproof bags, etc.


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