Things to pay attention to when traveling in autumn

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In autumn, the season of hiking, the feeling of sadness in the autumn is easy to stir people's heartstrings and make people have the impulse to put everything aside and run to the distance. The sky is high and the clouds are light, and the red leaves are beautiful. In addition to carefully choosing travel agencies, signing contracts and buying insurance, what else should we pay attention to when traveling in autumn?

   Caution! Autumn is a good time to climb mountains and enjoy red leaves. You must pay attention to safety when enjoying the beautiful scenery. When traveling in the natural scenic spot, try not to go to the inaccessible or undeveloped area alone to avoid getting lost and causing accidents. When climbing mountains and mountains, do not wear leather shoes or high-heeled shoes to avoid sprains or falls. Don't climb rocks, trees, houses or wade in order to enjoy some "inaccessible" scenery. Do not enter the deep grass to avoid being bitten by wild rats, poisonous snakes or other animals. Do not eat wild fruits and fungi of unknown types to prevent poisoning.
   Pay attention to the following: When traveling in autumn, especially when climbing mountains, you should do what you can, be relaxed and relaxed, and climb mountains in a relaxed attitude. If necessary, you can prepare a walking stick, which will help you when walking on mountain roads. Mountain climbing consumes a lot of physical strength, making people more likely to feel hungry and tired. Therefore, you should bring snacks with enough calories, such as chocolate, peeled peanuts, etc., to help supplement your physical strength. Remember to bring water, but it doesn't need too much. It is best to quench thirst and not constitute a burden on the journey.
   Pay attention to "weather allergy": In autumn, long-distance travel must pay attention to the phenomenon of "weather allergy" under different weather conditions. The main symptoms are headache, nausea, insomnia, irritability, etc. Some people may have diarrhea, fever, joint pain, etc. The prevention methods are: first, pay attention to listening to the weather forecast before going out, and add or subtract clothes reasonably according to the weather change to prevent the sudden change of climate from inducing diseases; Second, the elderly and people with weak physique should not travel to places where the climate is quite different from their own place of residence, people with cardiovascular diseases should not go to the plateau, and people with rheumatism should not go to the forest scenic spots to prevent aggravation of the disease; Third, some commonly used medicines should be prepared before the travel, in case of urgent need.
   Pay attention to food and accommodation hygiene: When camping, tourists should live in tents as far as possible, and do not lay on the floor, or at least make the pavement 1 meter above the ground, and do not lean against the wall. In order to prevent rats from polluting food and tableware, leftovers must be heated or cooked before eating. In case of skin trauma, iodine should be applied in time for disinfection.
   Necessary medical supplies for autumn outing : You can choose several slender cylindrical small medicine bottles. The medicine in the bottles should be based on your own needs. The medicine should be packed in a sealed airtight vial, and the rest of the space should be filled with cotton wool to avoid noise when shaking.

1. Autumn activities usually involve a large amount of exercise and are mostly in the wild, so prepare some snacks to be safe.
2. Choose mountaineering and other activities, because the amount of exercise is relatively large, there is usually a temperature difference between the top and bottom of the mountain, and the wind on the top of the mountain is strong, the temperature changes greatly, so take a coat to prevent catching cold.
3. A small compass, which can give you a clear direction in the wilderness and forests.
4. Don't take common drugs and trauma drugs for autumn outing: Band Aids, purple potions, medicinal alcohol cotton balls, anti-inflammatory powder, etc. You can also prepare a silk scarf, which can be used as a windproof and bandage when necessary.

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