Attractions worth visiting in Liaoning - the first island in China

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Liaoning has many local attractions, and different islands have their own unique characteristics and charm. Liaoning's characteristic scenic spots are worth visiting. The natural environment is charming, and the characteristic scenic spots have profound historical and cultural connotations. Today, I recommend a scenic spot worth visiting in Liaoning. The rocks around the island are uneven and lifelike. It is the first island in China's ten thousand mile sea area, and the local natural scenery is very beautiful. There are beautiful sea and many seaside attractions.
The coastal islands of Zhangdao Scenic Area. Liaoning has many islands. These islands have uneven stones and some characteristic buildings. The scenic spot introduced today is an island in the easternmost section of China's 10000 mile coastline.
The tourism industry of the whole island is booming, attracting every tourist. There are many characteristic scenic spots on the island, mainly magical landscapes composed of some sea stones. For example, Eagle Mouth Reef and Old Pig Reef. As the name implies, an eagle's beak is a stone that looks like an eagle's beak. It looks like a sharp corner, like an eagle's beak.
The old pig reef is a stone that looks like a pig. It looks fat and cute. The charming appearance brings every tourist a huge space of association. The local turtle mound is also a scenic spot worth visiting. It looks like a turtle lying on the ground. The rocks on the island are uneven, and many of them look lifelike, like cute small animals.
When tourists come here, they can rest assured and boldly use their imagination to see what small animals each stone is. The visit process is very interesting, and the travel experience is also very novel. The island is rich in resources, and some people live on the island.
Most of these residents live by fishing. Because the marine resources here are very rich, they can rely on the fishery and aquaculture industry here to drive the local economic development [. In recent years, the local tourism industry has become more and more prosperous, which has brought about faster development here. The living standard of local residents is getting better and better, and the local infrastructure construction is also becoming more and more perfect.
The main raw materials are sauerkraut and pork pork. With the pickled cabbage juice, the pork is not greasy at all and tastes good; The local mutton is also delicious, tender and delicious. Very delicious.
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