Where to travel during the May Day holiday?

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Where to go during the May Day holiday is a question for many young friends. Some people choose to travel around the country and some travel outside the province. Here are some domestic travel options suitable for the 51 day holiday scenic spot

Jiangnan Wuzhen under misty rain
This is right. Jiangnan is too wide. Go to recommend Wuzhen. Although it is Qingming Festival, the flow of people in Wuzhen will not be exaggerated. So it is a better choice to visit Wuzhen.
The quiet Wuzhen Town has a unique artistic conception of Jiangnan water town. The small bridge and the flowing water match the modern street bar. Instead of abrupt visitors, the mottled lights make the river more vivid. The slow light waves seem to tell a story of a thousand years. With the unique depression atmosphere of Qingming, I think the gentleness of Wuzhen is this indescribable mystery!

 Night View of Wuzhen
Scenery of Wuzhen

(It is strongly recommended that you like photography. Take a tripod with you. The night scene of Wuzhen will make you feel as if you have gone back to the 1990s. This kind of artistic work can be better completed in a specific time and environment.)

Wuyuan (Wuyuan Flower Sea)
The month from mid March to mid April in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province is an annual tourism craze. Why? Because of flower picking. We are tired of seeing rape flowers when we were young. In addition to seeing the rape flower sea in Wuyuan, we can also catch bees. If we are allergic to pollen, we must pay attention to it. We must not let it go. Because there is too much pollen. May can be said to have just caught up with the tail of the rape flower sea, and there may not be much more to say later. The rape flower is not uncommon, but it is strange that a large article has been planted. The golden flower sea reminds you of the perspective of the dwarf who ran near the field when you were young.

 Wuyuan Tourism
Wuyuan Flower Sea

Wuyuan Flower Sea is not only suitable for taking pictures, but also suitable for you to make an appointment here. Please ask your girlfriend how brilliant the date is in the sea of flowers~but be careful that the hotel in peak season is not easy to book. In addition to the sea of flowers, Huangling Mountains, Qingyuan Village is a good place to eat at dawn. To experience the rural life paradise in the south may be another way to open Wuyuan.

Yangshuo, Guilin
Want to see Guilin's landscape paintings? Go to Yangshuo. Everyone has heard about the scenery of Yangshuo. The West Street, Shili Gallery and Yulong River in Yangshuo are all the beautiful scenery that can't be missed. Although the development is very commercial at present, people who like this place just don't want it. The bar street here is more attractive than that in Lijiang. The bar composed of music, beer and lights is now the gathering place of folk singers. Listen to them sing about life, love and the future. Never miss the West Street when you come to Yangshuo.

 Yangshuo, Guilin
Yangshuo, Guilin

Besides West Street, I think the most beautiful scenery is Yangshuo. Look at the reflection in the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yangshuo. Yangshuo is a place worth visiting! Believe me, you will feel happy here. Visual happiness.
(ps: Taizi likes to travel and share his own travel ideas. He also likes to take some videos and photos. My friends who like to travel can pay attention to me. There are several articles about going to Tibet and taking dry goods for reference. There are also some travel articles for discussion.)


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