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Wufeng Academy It is located in Fangyan Town, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It contains Wufeng Academy, Lize Temple, Xueyizhai, Chonglou and other buildings. It is the birthplace of Yongkang School in the Southern Song Dynasty and the place where Wang Yangming advocated Taoism in the Ming Dynasty. Founded in 2004, the patriotism education base of Wufeng Academy is a patriotism education base in Jinhua City integrating natural landscape, cultural landscape (Wufeng Academy, Chinese Academy Culture Exhibition Room), and the traditional education landscape of patriotic revolution. The facilities in the base are complete, the display content is rich, the systems are perfect, and the functions of reception, service and publicity are well played.

Scenic spots with representative patriotism education and culture in the base

1、 Former Office Site of Zhejiang Provincial Government (Chonglou)
After the Japanese invaders invaded China in 1937 and Shanghai and Hangzhou fell one after another, the National Government of Zhejiang Province moved to Fangyan, Yongkang on New Year's Day 1938. The provincial government, the Secretariat, the Department of Civil Affairs, the Department of Finance and other important institutions were located in the Wufeng Mansion, while other institutions rented houses for villagers in Yanxia and Orange Lu. During this period, Huang Shaohong, the chairman of the provincial government, painted the Wufeng Mansion in a bluish gray color to show his national humiliation. On May 20, 1942, when the Japanese invaders invaded Yongkang, the Zhejiang Provincial Government moved to Songyang. The main organizations of the provincial government moved to Fangyan for four and a half years, becoming the headquarters of the military and civilian resistance in Zhejiang during this period.

2、 Zhou Enlai inspected the Fangyan Monument and the United Anti Japanese War Tree.
During the Anti Japanese War in April 1939, Zhou Enlai, as the deputy director of the Political Department of the Central Military Commission of the Kuomintang, met with Huang Shaohong, the chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Government and a famous anti Japanese general. Huang Shaohong, the provincial chairman, accompanied him to inspect the situation of the war of resistance and discussed the grand plan of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party to unite in the war of resistance. To commemorate this historic meeting and express the sincerity of cooperation, Zhou Enlai and Huang Shaohong planted two paulownia trees in Yanwufeng, a temporary residence of the Zhejiang Provincial Government. After more than 70 years of wind and rain, these two Paulownia trees have been tall and upright (more than 30 meters high, 60 cm at breast height), deep rooted and leafy, and full of vitality. The two trees are only 8 meters apart, just on the left and right sides of the walking path, like a pair of closely knit twin brothers, and become a symbol of the victorious outcome of the Communist Party of China's united front policy. There is a stone tablet beside the tree, indicating that Zhou Enlai and Huang Shaohong planted trees by hand.

3、 Monument to Soldiers and Soldiers killed in the Anti Japanese War
On July 7, 1939, when the government of Zhejiang Province was working in Fangyan, the 28th year of the Republic of China (1939), a monument was built in the green shade at the foot of the Peach Blossom Peak, the fifth peak of Fangyan, to commemorate the fallen soldiers in the war and arouse the people's enthusiasm for fighting against Japan. However, due to the special background of the times, the monument was demolished in 1965. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti Fascist War and the War of Resistance against Japan in 2005, this memorial to the fallen soldiers in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression in Fangyan was rebuilt to its original size. The rebuilt monument is 9.18 meters high, which means to remember the "September 18th" and the national humiliation.

Every holiday, people come here to visit in an endless stream. Whether it is to pay homage to the revolutionary martyrs in front of the Memorial of the fallen soldiers in the Anti Japanese War, to witness the vicissitudes of history in the old buildings, or to visit the united anti Japanese tree that witnessed the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, you can feel the profound historical accumulation of vicissitudes and the patriotic feelings of Zhejiang's army and people who share the same hatred against foreign aggression.

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Wufeng Academy Scenic Spot : Climbing, sightseeing, photography, hiking, and relaxation
Ticket price of Wufeng Academy : 20 yuan
Opening Hours of Wufeng Academy :09:00-18:00
Address of Wufeng Academy Scenic Spot Zhejiang Province Jinhua City Yongkang City Shoushan Pit, Chenglu Village, Fangyan Town
Telephone of Wufeng Academy Scenic Area :0579-87306019 87307901
How to get to Wufeng Academy
By bus :k908b; Yongkang k310a Road; Yongkang k907 Road; Yongkang k908d Road; Yongkang Road k909a; Yongkang Road k918a
automobile : Yongkang Passenger Station - take No. 2 or No. 7 bus to the East Bus Station, and take the shuttle bus to Fangyan.
train : Get off at Yongkang Railway Station, take No. 2 or No. 7 bus to the East Bus Station, and take the shuttle bus to Fangyan.

 Jinhua Yongkang Fangyan Wufeng Academy
Jinhua Yongkang Fangyan Wufeng Academy

 Tourist Attraction Yongkang Wufeng Academy
Tourist Attraction Yongkang Wufeng Academy

 Monument to Wufeng Academy Scenic Spot (Monument to Soldiers and Soldiers killed in the Anti Japanese War)
Monument to Wufeng Academy Scenic Spot (Monument to Soldiers and Soldiers killed in the Anti Japanese War)

 Is the scenic spot of Yongkang Wufeng Academy interesting
Is the scenic spot of Yongkang Wufeng Academy interesting

 Ticket Price of Wufeng Academy Scenic Area - Introduction
Ticket Price of Wufeng Academy Scenic Area - Introduction

Tourist evaluation[ Wufeng Academy ]Tourist attractions:
@ I'm ashamed : This scenic spot has a beautiful environment and quiet scenery, which is suitable for visiting all the year round. Next to it are Fangyan and Shiguliao scenic spots
@ Printing Library Book : I will go there when I am young. There are still many treasured old photos in my hometown. A group of energetic people under the small waterfall left us far away from my hometown when we went to high school, and there was only one hurried pass in college, but this is the flavor of my hometown.
@ Shenda Shares It's really cool, but the waterfall has no water. It's a pity. It's not a big place. I finished swimming soon
@ Escaping boss of Shoes City : During the Spring Festival in 2009, I took my family to visit Fangyan, Yongkang. I was extremely disappointed. The garbage was everywhere and the management was chaotic. When I went up the mountain, I only saw the butt of the people in front of me and the incense garbage on the ground. When I went down the mountain, I was stuck in a traffic jam in the parking lot for a full hour and a half. But when I went to Wufeng Academy, I saw five small mountains standing like five steamed buns around the front and back of the Academy, surrounded by white springs and waterfalls, which were very clean and leisurely. It was a great thing to remember the ancestors Zhu Xi, Chen Liang, and Lv Donglai (the university of the Southern Song Dynasty) in front of Lize Temple, and read the poems of philosophers in the Academy! My mother and children also played the roles of teachers and students of the ancient academy in the lecture hall. They read the Three Character Classic together, shaking their heads and having fun. Later, I found the poems written by the descendant You Wufeng Academy on the Internet, and thought that this person wrote quite well, so I attached them here: Two Poems about You Wufeng Academy Author: Cheng Kaixing Lingshan is like a lotus pot, and he can walk quietly to relieve himself. The mountain peaks, thousands of paths and obstacles, and the flying springs, white paths and bright pearls. The lecture hall has been taught by fax since the past, and the stone chamber is dedicated to the great Confucians today. When all the worldly affairs will be exhausted, so that we can build a cottage here.

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