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Guanyinqiao Business District City Guanyinqiao in Jiangbei District is a traditional business district, one of the five business circles determined by Chongqing Municipal People's Government, and the political, economic, cultural center and transportation hub of Jiangbei District. Guanyinqiao Business District - centered on the turntable of Guanyinqiao, with Jianxin East, South, West and North Road as the radiation direction, within a radius of 1000 meters. As the birthplace of commerce in the northern urban area, this business district was once the second largest business district in the mid-1990s by virtue of its proximity to Jiefangbei and the new area. However, with the improvement of traffic, the unreasonable commercial structure and layout, the phenomenon of "commercial hollowness" has emerged, limiting the development of some large and comprehensive commercial properties here.
The concept of "organic combination of urban planning and commercial planning, urban construction and commercial investment attraction, urban landscape and commercial shopping" runs through the construction of Guanyinqiao Business District, improves the city image, highlights cultural advantages, and creates "a benchmark for urban construction management, a paradise for citizens to shop and relax, a hot spot for enterprise investment and development, and a holy land for tourists to visit", The city layout is elegant and grand.

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Guanyinqiao Business District Urban Scenic Spot : Photography, hiking, leisure, shopping, vacation, trade city, city sightseeing
Ticket price of Guanyinqiao Business District : Free
Opening Hours of Guanyinqiao Business District : All day
Address of urban scenic spots in Guanyinqiao Business District Chongqing City Jiangbei District Beicheng Art Building, No. 2, Jianxin West Road
Guanyinqiao Business District Urban Scenic Area Phone :023-67701780
How to get to Guanyinqiao Business District : Guanyinqiao Business District has convenient transportation. You can take bus or subway to the scenic spot in Chongqing.

Tourist evaluation [Guanyinqiao Business District City] tourist attractions
@ Circular prediction : Guanyinqiao is the business center of Jiangbei District, and the second landmark business district after Jiefangbei Business District that can radiate the population of the whole city. The rise of Guanyin Bridge benefited from the policy of "Chongqing Heading North" 10 years ago, which sounded the clarion call for the rapid development of Chongqing metropolitan area northward. Until today, Guanyin Bridge has basically gathered high-end consumers, and has also become a major business district in Jiangbei District. How to say, it is similar to Jiefangbei, and it is also a very prosperous business circle. I suggest friends download a map of Gaode, which is super easy to use. It tells you which subway to take and which bus to take. Those who like shopping can consider it.
@ byye-dog A paradise for eating and a sea for shopping. Eating, drinking, playing, shopping, entertainment and living, everything can be auditioned. The landmark sculpture is a red chilli, which reflects how Chongqing people love spicy food. There is a music fountain near the square. There are two performances every night on weekdays, and there will be additional performances during the day on weekends. The music is popular and grounded, mainly folk songs and pop music. Listening and watching, you will feel happy unconsciously @ But who can be beaten by me: Guanyinqiao Delicious Street, a veteran food eater like me who has crisscrossed the food industry for more than 20 years, exclaimed: too big! That's too much! This is a paradise for food! A wide range of delicious food is cheap and good. My husband and I have a round of food and take it back with us! So happy! Ha ha ha!
@ Play next year : There are so many beautiful women and delicious food. You can taste spicy bonbon chicken and sweet glutinous rice dumplings. The snack street is not expensive and has a wide range of varieties, which is worth visiting

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